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How do team and company managed projects differ?

Jira Software Cloud gives you the option to create team managed projects and company managed projects. The two project types differ in terms of who administers the project and how much control they have over the project’s configuration.

Company-managed projects have a more complex configuration than team-managed projects, which have a simpler configuration. In addition, company-managed projects have a standardized workflow between multiple projects, while team-managed projects do not have that option. But team managed projects have more admin control over the setup.

Configuration of company-managed projects is done by the Jira administrator, through configuring schemes and screens. The project administrator does the configuration of team-managed projects, without the need to involve the Jira admin. Project administrator configures custom fields, permissions, issue types, workflows and many more.

In summary, team-managed projects offer more control to the project administrator, while company-managed projects provide a standardized way of working across multiple projects managed by a company.

Both team-managed projects and company-managed projects have their own positive features. It is important to determine which project is right for your team.

Team-managed project in Jira – why choose it?

Team-managed projects give you more autonomy in configuration. If you pick a project managed by a team, you don’t need to worry about the impact of one project on the others because each project has its own process and workflow. You can be a team with different workflows.

If you want a simpler configuration, more self-space to manage your team, then team-managed projects are the right choice for you.

Company-managed project in Jira – why choose it?

Company-managed projects allow you to focus more on project management and what’s significant because project configuration is done by the Jira administrator. Projects managed by a company share the same configuration through the use of schemas. The Jira administrator deploys the schema simultaneously for all involved projects. When a Jira administrator changes a schema, all projects that use that schema are changed.

If you want a standardized way of working between multiple projects, advanced setup issue types and custom fields and detailed permission schemes, then these are the right type of projects for you.

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