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How to do Advanced Scrum in Jira?

Some of the Advanced Scrum practices in Jira include using epics, using reports, and customizing the workflow.

  • Using Epics: Your team might be required to work on specific features comprising a large amount of work. In such a scenario, epics can be used while planning your entire work and preparing the backlog. Epics are typically large user stories that can be broken down into smaller user stories. Moreover, epics are also capable of spanning more than a single project.

  • Customizing the Workflow: In the default workflow of Jira Software, the issues tend to move into different statuses like In Progress, To Do, and Done. You can think of creating your own customized workflow such that the statuses in Jira Software will match the process of your team.

  • Using Reports: With a dedicated Jira report like the Velocity Chart, it is possible to view the summary of the work as delivered by your team. It helps in predicting the amount of work that your team is capable of completing and delivering in every sprint. The given piece of information can be used for predicting the total amount of work that can be completed by teams in future sprints.

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