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Configure statuses and columns in a team-managed Jira project

To configure columns and statuses of your Jira team-managed project, you should consider that at the beginning, the columns are related to the statuses, so creating a column also implies creating a status. So, we can manage it directly on the board.

But when you assign multiple statuses to a column, then the column and the status become two separate, independent elements. Thus, the configuration is no longer done on your board, but is separate from it.

Well, to create new columns or change them, you need to use the column settings and statuses.

Access columns and statuses from your board:

  • If you’re on your board, click “more” (this is in the top, far right)
  • After clicking the “more” option, click “configure board”

Access columns and statuses from anywhere in your project:

  • Go to your project sidebar
  • On your project sidebar, choose “project settings”
  • In the project settings, click “board”
  • On your board, click “more”
  • In the “more” option, click “configure board”

Adding a new column

  • Go to Column and Status settings
  • Select create column (+)

Creating a new column will not result in the creation of a related status. Configuration of statuses is done in the workflow editor.

Changing column name and setting the limits

  • On your board, go to column and status settings
  • Hover over the column heading to bring up the edit option
  • Select Edit Column
  • Select the name for the column
  • You have an option to set maximum issues. So, when there are so many issues, the column changes its color

Delete a column

In the column and status settings, select the “delete” option to delete only columns. Issues with statuses will not be visible on the board if the status is not assigned to a column.

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