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How to create a glossary in Confluence?

Confluence is the ideal place to create a glossary (alphabetical list of terms and meanings). Here’s how to proceed if you want to create a glossary:

  1. Install the Basic Glossary plugin.

  2. Then create a new section.

  3. Click “Next” and you will be given the option to create a “Glossary Space Blueprint”.

4. Fill in the required details, like the name and key and then click “Create” to finish setting up the space.

5. Now, a Glossary space has been created with a page for each letter of alphabet, like this:

6. If we now go back to the menu bar and click on “Create”, you should be able to add “Terms” to your glossary.

7. Add now the definitions and confirm in the following: “Publish”. We have added the definition of “Glossary” in the example.

8. In the page tree, the entry looks like this:

9. We’re not quite done yet, because we should also link the Confluence glossary to other spaces, making it visible and useful for everyone. Click on “Space Tools”, then “Overview” to continue.

10. Here we can see that there is already a category “Glossary”. To make the content we just created, a definition of the word glossary, visible to other spaces and pages, we should now go to another space where we can also access the space tools to add the category “Glossary”.

11. Below you can see an area where there are no categories yet. Let’s click on “Edit”.

12. Here, the category “Glossary” is already suggested, so we can add it to the “Categories” for this area by clicking on it and then click on “Done”.

13. Now when we type a sentence like this on a page and highlight it, we see this button:

14. If we click on it, we will see a definition that we can edit or comment on.


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