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What are different types of Jira reports?

It is possible to create the following types of reports in Jira:

  • User Workload Report: The report reveals the amount of work allocated to a user and the duration it is predicted on the basis of the estimated fields.

  • Version Workload Report: It reveals the amount of outstanding work (per issue and per user) before the completion of the given version.

  • Single Level Group By Report: This reveals the search results from the issue filter -grouped by the field of your choice.

  • Resolution Time Report: It reveals the average time taken for resolving issues.

  • Time Since Issue Report: It reveals the number of issues for which the selected date field was set on the particular date.

  • Time Tracking Report: It shows the time since the selected field for every issue for the project or the saved file is tracked.

  • Average Age Report: It reveals the number of issues that are unsolved or pending. According to this information, it will generate a dedicated report while offering specific picture of the project related to pending issues.

  • Pie Chart Report: It helps in displaying issue statuses with the help of distinct colours. Therefore, it becomes easier to identify the sprint status or Jira project status.

  • Created Vs. Resolved Issues Report: It is responsible for the creation of reports for resolved issues and created issues for displaying the entire scenario of the project and displaying the work done by the respective team.

  • Project Pivot Report: It reveals the amount of time taken by the users for the verification of the project for a particular period.

  • Recently Created Issue Report: It will help in displaying in-depth details of the issues that have been recently created for showing the percentage of the project that has been completed and how much is pending. 

In Jira, it is also possible to create Epic Report, Sprint Report, Control Chart, Velocity Chart, Version Report, and Cumulative Flow Diagram. You can generate detailed Jira reports seamlessly with the help of our innovative Actonic report generator.

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