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What are requirements for Data Residency?

There are several Data Residency requirements that relate to different factors, such as:

  1. Data protection laws and regulations: there are many local data protection laws and regulations that dictate how organizations must collect, cleanse, process, and store data from citizens or residents of a country. The data residence must ensure that these laws are followed.
  2. Security: the data residence must be secure and provide protection against unauthorized access, loss, damage, or destruction.
  3. Accessibility: The data residence must be accessible at all times so that organizations can access and use their data whenever it is needed.
  4. Scalability: data residency must be able to adapt and grow as the business grows and collects more data.
  5. Cost: Companies need to consider the cost of storing their data in the data residency.


It is important that companies store their data in a secure location that meets all of the above requirements to ensure that their data is protected.

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