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Show Inline Comments in Editor

confluence comments in edit mode

Inline comments in Confluence Editor. See inline comments and work with them directly in Edit mode.

Available for Confluence Server and Confluence Data Center.



Start in View mode...

Start working with native inline comments in View mode

...and go on in Edit mode

Enter Edit mode and keep on working with inline comments. All comments are now visible in Edit mode allowing for hassle-free editing.

Resolve/Delete inline comments while editing the page

Resolve, delete or respond to inline comments directly while editing a page or blog post

More Details

Save time and enhance efficiency with a new way to give feedback on pages and files in Confluence. Inline comments are a great way to bring others into the conversation about a page or blog post. They allow you to remark on content, add important information, ask questions, and generally drive collaboration and teamwork. With our app, you do not need to switch between View and Edit modes:

  • See an inline comment at the top of the editor and navigate to the highlighted text to change it accordingly;
  • Work with the comment without having to switch back to View mode or use a side-by-side workaround.

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