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GDPR-compliance service

Data privacy has been a constant topic in business operations for years now. And for some, it’s like a red flag. But we believe: It does not have to be this way!

Making your Jira and Confluence GDPR-compliant can actually be pretty simple if you have the knowledge and the right tools for it. In both cases, Actonic can help you face the challenges of data privacy and ultimately become compliant. We do not only offer you consulting, but also our app, with which you can reach data privacy compliance in your Jira and Confluence instances.

Data privacy challenges

Data residency & encryption

User anonymization

Privacy policies

PII anonymization

Constant PII control

Subject access request

Our service


Do you need an expert to guide you on your journey to data privacy compliance? Actonic is your partner to answer all of your questions regarding data protection. What we offer:

  • Premium IT infrastructure check
  • Data protection assessment and gap analysis
  • Roadmap & Implementation


In the Atlassian ecosystem, everyone who handles sensitive data needs a third-party tool to help with that, since neither Jira nor Confluence provide sufficient options out of the box. But you still have to keep your Confluence and Jira GDPR-compliant. Our toolkit “GDPR (DSGVO) and Security” is the most complete suite of solutions for different kinds of scenarios, for example:

  • Communicate privacy policies and get consent from all users
  • Clean user data once an employee leaves your company
  • Find and handle any personal data easily and comfortably


After our privacy experts have optimized your data protection landscape, what you need is reassurance to be certain the scope of the project covered everything you need. To achieve this, we collaborate with independent data protection officers. Here are your benefits after the project and the audit:

  • Peace of mind: You know you are GDPR-compliant under current EU law
  • You know what to do in order to stay compliant
  • Compliance checks in regular intervals ensure your company stays safe

Let us guide you along the process to be fully GDPR-compliant

Master all your data privacy challenges with us