Timesheet Builder: Time tracking and Resource Planning

Time tracking & resource planning

Timesheet Builder: Resource Planning and Teams Management

Got some time? Timesheeet Builder provides you with fact-based answers to this question. Track your individual working time in Jira and use clear timesheets to optimally plan future resources. The clear team view also simplifies your time and resource management enormously.

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Revolutionary time management

Intuitive time tracking

Without stress and in an effective way, you record how much time you have spent on which project. Structured timesheets provide the perfect overview of your personal Jira worklogs – also in comparison to others. This way, you can realistically estimate the time required for future projects.

Simplified team management

Coming soon: Sophisticated bulk operations revolutionize team management. The simple interface allows even large user groups to be added and synchronized with just a few clicks. Eliminating manual work is a real productivity boost and gives you more time for resource planning.

Analyze team resources at a glance

Multiple team management brings many challenges. Timesheet Builder solves them all. In the “Teams” section you create multiple teams and link them to Jira projects or tasks. Clear worklog analyses of your team are the ideal fact base for your resource planning and raise it to a completely new level.

Custom reports -
add Report Builder now!

Would you like to have clear reports for your structured timesheets that you can present to your stakeholders? Then Report Builder is the ideal pick for you!
The integration of both apps complements your efficient time management with visually appealing reports that make future resource planning even easier.

Already using Timesheet Builder or Report Builder? Contact us now – because for loyal customers we offer attractive deals for the unbeatable double pack!

Use cases invoicing

Your needs are our calling

Timesheet Builder is available for Jira Software, Jira Core and Jira Service Management in Server, Data Center and Cloud versions.

Yes, you will be able to import and export data from other apps. Find out when this feature will be available and how it works by subscribing to our newsletter.

We are continuously working on Timesheet Builder, because our user’s requirements are decisive for us. Do you have an idea for a new feature? Message us.

Yes, we are happy to offer you a free demo of our app and show you all the features for your use cases.

Yes, people can be added in bulk by selecting a specific Jira user group.

Timesheet Builder allows you to see your own team’s timesheets. For example, if you want to see the timesheets related to an issue on which more than one team has tracked work time, the total number of hours will not be displayed. With Timesheet Builder, you can see what your team has tracked, but not the total output of multiple teams. If you want this insight, it is worth integrating Report Builder. Loyal customers* who already use one of the apps will get an attractive offer for the ultimate Jira timesheet and report set.

Your time is the most valuable resource -
use it properly

  • Allocate your resources efficiently

  • Fact-based resource planning

  • Intuitive and easy to use time recording

  • Analyze team resources at a glance