We love Infrastructure, Development and the Cloud

Why Actonic?


It takes most businesses decades to achieve an IT infrastructure that is efficient enough to not only align with business objectives, but truly enhance them. This happens because many organizations see IT as an island operating independently of other functions. IT is not an island; designed and executed correctly, it is the mold that keeps everything tightly interconnected. We understand this, but we want all companies to achieve the benefits it provides for organizations working with IT Thus, our mission is simple:

To create and promote efficient IT Infrastructures and Software that make businesses around the world smarter and faster.


We plan to bring Actonic’s methodology to serve businesses around the globe, while remaining true to the agile and entrepreneurial spirit that has kept us nimble and hungry for change. The pace at which the world is becoming more integrated is dizzying, but also exciting. Therefore, we plan to leverage Actonic’s vast international knowledge and expertise to all clients across a diversity of industries and markets world-wide. At Actonic, we truly believe that the philosophy of efficient IT infrastructure can and should be applied to our environment. To promote this, we invest heavily in research and development, and hope to facilitate the use of green energy all over the globe.


When seeing the name Actonic GmbH, we want our clients to immediately think, “the best.” To achieve this, we deliver world-class consulting and the highest quality products, with an unbeatable level of professionalism. It’s that simple. But it isn’t easy to do. We’ve been relentlessly committed to delivering the best results for nearly two decades and have become our clients’ most trusted advisers. We manage every project to produce the results they expect, in a timely fashion, and within budget. Above all, we believe accountability is critical. That is why we focus on transparency and improving the quality of clients’ business operations at every stage in our collaboration. Small wins at every step build strong relationships and ultimately lead to huge success.


Actonic embodies the Agile philosophy in everything we do. This means we are dedicated to promoting a flexible, communicative, and productive working environment for everyone. Admittedly, we are a little obsessed with providing excellent client service. We can’t provide that excellence without first ensuring that our entire team is energized and feels supported. That’s why Actonic has a flat management structure and promotes an open-door policy. People absolutely perform at their best over the long-term if they have work-life balance. To encourage this balance, we foster a family-friendly culture and support social activities. Our culture has allowed us to build an incredibly strong and productive team, to which we undoubtedly owe our success.

Our Services

APPLICATIONSManaging your applications over their full life-cycle can be complicated and resource intensive, but we have years of app development and management expertise. We can help build, automate or consult with you to outsource your app management so you can focus on core business operations.
Agile TrainingWe believe all organizations should be using Agile principles in their operations. Agile is the standard in development. And it’s a philosophy we aim to embody in all that we do and can help your organization master its principles. The world is becoming Agile, and you should too.
Cloud OperatonThe benefits of operating in the cloud are clear, but we want to make sure you have the services to get optimal cloud performance. Our team can help you with an array of cloud needs ranging from infrastructure delivery, to service level agreements, and security and compliance.
Cloudify ®We are big fans of Cloudify, a powerful cloud orchestration software platform that automates installation, deployment, and post-deployment operations in your application stack. If Cloudify is the right cloud platform for you, we can help you get the most out of it.
Continuous DeliveryContinuous Delivery (CD) is one of the most important core elements in Agile. With CD, you make developments to your production environment in short-cycles so that you may reduce cost, time, and risk in delivering changes over lifespan of your projects.
Custom Software DevelopmentOur experienced team of developers are able to deliver a broad range of custom software to suit your needs, whether it be desktop, mobile, or web applications.
DevOps ServicesDevOps enables your organization to acclimate itself to the highly iterative and flexible nature of Agile. We can help you to integrate and automate IT operations and software development so that they work flexibly together.
Managed HostingWe want to make sure your applications stay up and running, all the time. If this isn’t the case for you, we can get your managed hosting services assembled and scaled properly.
Microservices Microservices is an app infrastructure model that focuses on organizing components based on capabilities and products, NOT projects. The model is resilient and evolutionary, which is crucial for long-term success in a rapidly changing environment.
Performance OptimizationKeeping a handle on performance optimization is extremely important as your business grows. We have nearly two decades of experience in managing growth.
SAFEdocsWe utilize Safedocs so that notary services can be carried out quickly and conveniently wherever and whenever you need it.


AutomationCompanies around the globe waste an unnecessary amount of resources due to inefficiencies that could be solved by automation. As IT management continues to become more robust and complex in nature, the thoughtful application of automation systems can reduce costs and delivery time, increase productivity, and improve your bottom line. Infrastructure & TechnologyIf you've ever witnessed a Formula One race, you'll immediately recall the powerful display of dozens of cars darting around a track at speeds upwards of 380km/h - all the result of hundreds of different systems and networks coming together perfectly. Just like in Formula One, the best IT infrastructure is a robust, well-refined system of hardware, software, storage, networks, and facilities that allow IT solutions to be carried out optimally. Organization & ControllingStrong management controls are the guardrails that ensure every IT project is completed accurately, consistently, and within budget. One of the biggest fundamental oversights in IT today is in management controls, and as a result, many organizations struggle to achieve the growth they desire. Process & PerformanceWhether it's a to visit the doctor for a routine check-up or taking your car in for an oil change, we often need to check the vital signs of the key components of our lives. In an IT organization, the vital signs are the business processes and the performance of hardware and software. Just as every responsible person manages their own vitals, so too should a responsible business manage theirs to optimize efficiency and quality.


Enterpriese Content Management

When Bill Gates says, 'Content is king' all of us should listen. He said it just over 20 years ago, but today it rings truer than ever before. Utilizing methods of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to organize your content and information through its life cycle can strengthen every area of your business.

IT Project management

For IT projects and implementations meet organizational requirements, finish on time, and stay within budget there must be careful vetting and reliable management. We want to make sure you take on IT projects the right way - every time.

IT Strategy & Development

When you build anything, you need to make sure there is a clear vision and process for ensuring that the business falls neatly in place around it. IT tools and resources can be rendered unhelpful if they aren't carefully interwoven with the core business functions. With over 15 years of consulting expertise, we know what it takes to make IT click.

Mobile Business Consulting

The world is currently being flooded with mobile solutions and applications because everyone is seeing the importance of being in the mobile space. It's fast, allows you to be intimately connected to customers, and can provide massive network advantages. Simply joining the mobile space is easy. Doing it the right way takes a well-defined strategic vision.

Process Management

When humans reach peak performance in any activity, we enter a mental state of operation called 'flow'. In this state, one is operating at maximum efficiency, with full awareness and fluidity. Like 'flow', Business Process Management (BPM) allows you to be fully in tune with your processes while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Requirements Engineering

If Agile methodology is the gold standard for product development management, then Requirements Engineering (RE), if done right, is the bedrock that makes Agile work. For RE to support Agile, expertise and leadership are paramount.

Software Development Process

Just as every software will be different from the next, so too should the process by which you develop it. To develop the most robust software that serves your needs, knowledge of the scope of processes and frameworks is crucial. Our experience has provided us with insight into nearly every imaginable development process.

Testing Management

No product has ever been brought successfully to scale without multiple levels of testing. Prototypes are built, Beta versioning allows limited market testing, general maintenance and bug management tests are carried out continuously. Building and managing a reliable QA team to ensure testing is done properly can mean the difference between scaling and catastrophic failure.

Would you like to be a part of Actonic?

In our work at Actonic, we settle for nothing less than exceptional. Thats’s why we fill our roster with exceptional people. Exceptional is an intimidating word, but it really just means finding the right balance. We strive to achieve this balance every day.

  • We encourage a fun and upbeat environment, while taking pride in hard work.
  • We are curious and seek fresh ideas from everyone on our team.
  • We find delight in delivering excellence, so we promote an open-door policy to keep each other supported.
  • We want to constantly be learning: with each project, each task, and each client interaction.
  • And… we aim to always be Agile, not just in our work, but in the way we think and interact with the world.

Interested in joining the Actonic team? Submit your CV below and we’ll get in touch!