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Data Privacy Laws Worldwide | Ultimate Overview 2023

Compliance with global data privacy laws can be quite complicated and time-consuming – and expensive. You could face fines in the millions for non-compliance with certain laws. Not to mention the loss of trust and damage to your company’s image. But which data protection law applies where, to whom? Do I have to comply with the guidelines even though my company headquarters is not located in the affected country?

To answer all your questions, we have prepared an overview of the most important data protection laws worldwide that is up-to-date for 2023. Here you will also find use cases for Atlassian systems like Jira and Confluence!

Understanding the basics of data protection

Do you actually know what the difference is between data controllers and data processors? What exactly is meant by data protection or personal data? Or in terms of Atlassian, do you really know about data residency in the Atlassian Cloud?

All this information and many more fundamentals can be found regularly updated in our knowledge base on data protection!

To give you the ultimate overview of privacy laws around the world, we would also like to share with you some specific laws, such as BaFin or HIPAA:

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