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Inline Table Editing

Boost your Confluence tables: Edit them in view mode, use Excel-like features, and benefit from great filtering and sorting options. "Inline Table Editing" is a versatile tool that immensely optimizes the work with Confluence tables due to its intuitive handling, enormous time savings and many functions.

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Quick changes in view mode

You know the problem: Small changes in long tables require many clicks. Switching between modes is very time-consuming. Use our solution and save time – every time! Change table cells quickly with a simple double-click.

Excel-like operators

Work as intuitively and efficiently as you know it from Excel. Beyond simple arithmetic operators, you can create comparisons, references and more.

Discover numerous built-in functions that will make editing easier.

Reorder and filter your table data

Our macro allows you to change the order of the table rows with using drag and drop. Moving multiple rows can also be done quickly. Even complex filtering according to individual wishes is child’s play in the view mode.

Discover how to use Inline Table Editing

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Edit tables in view mode

Directly change the content of a table without switching to edit mode – a unique optimization for working with Confluence!

Bring in some color

The app displays selected background colors edited in EDIT mode.

Additionally, it is possible to change the background colors of the cells inline. Thereby, you can not only select the colors to be chosen from the field, but also enter an individual code – for example, the corporate colors of your company.

Macro support and rich text

The most popular Confluence macros like status, date, Jira, or mention can be inserted into the table.

We also support rich text format for the headings!

Easy working with functions

You can select the most common functions with just a few clicks – just like you know it from Excel.

Advanced filtering options

Easily find what you’ve been looking for with flexible predefined column filters

With a simple click, the filtering can be removed again.

Autofill in all directions

Whether you just want to copy the same value down or need to get a series of numbers or text values, fill handle is the feature to help.

More than 300 built-in functions

Grouped into:

  • Math and trigonometry
  • Engineering
  • Statistical
  • Financial
  • Logical

Copy & paste

Completely compatible with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets: Copy your data without losing your formulas!

In continuous development

Let us surprise you with what the next updates have in store!

Brands using this app

These companies are already using Inline Table Editing successfully:

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