We have outsourced our Atlassian licensing and services business to the newly founded Seibert Solutions GmbH. Actonic's products will be further developed under the usual name.

Unfolding your potential

We don’t see ourselves as just an IT company, we see IT as the solution to a wide range of everyday problems in companies. At Actonic, we support and inspire people with customized possibilities so that they have more time for tasks that really count.

We work with experienced consultants and developers to support our customers in the digitalization of processes, the creation of knowledge databases, and configurations across all departments. We will also find a solution with ultimate added value for your use case.

Two founders with passion for IT

Once working as developers and consultants in the IT industry themselves, our founders Domenico Manzo and Gregor Kasmann strived for IT solutions that put people first. Full of innovative spirit and know-how, they set up a company that follows these principles:

📢 Creating an open feedback culture

⚙️ Offering highly individual customer solutions

🤝 Trusting in strong partnerships

In April 2015, the time had come – with Actonic, they made this dream come true. Since then, Actonic offers services like consulting, training, development and support as well as an own product range. We support customers worldwide in the digital transformation around the Atlassian tool stack and beyond.

Domenico Manzo &

Actonic's Vision

“We don’t work for Actonic, we are Actonic! We shape our company ourselves with innovative and creative ideas.”

The statement of one of our employees speaks for itself.

With excellent colleagues, we want to offer a sustainable company growth full of transparency, honesty and with the best solutions, without losing the open corporate culture.

Through courage for new ideas and trusting teamwork, we grow beyond ourselves every day. We know that together we can achieve our goals, and we are firmly convinced that quality always wins in the end and convinces our customers.


  • Honesty & respect
  • Agility & effectiveness
  • Appreciation & cooperation
  • Team spirit & responsibility

The initiative Pledge 1%

It is our great desire to do good and leave a positive mark on our world in addition to great software solutions. That is why we proudly participate in the worldwide initiative “Pledge 1%”.

This movement aims to make humanity the new standard. It encourages leaders and employees to make a 1% commitment to social causes on an ongoing basis. Companies can participate and decide in which way they want to give back this percent: in time, profit, chapter, or product.

Like thousands of other companies, such as Salesforce and Atlassian, we are following the lead of this initiative and want to motivate others to set a positive example.

International team – one mission

Offering our customers around the world the best individual solutions also requires creative people who bring diverse expertise to the table. With our 40-person team located all over the world, we aim to do just that. Strong partnerships, the best communication and organization across borders enable us to offer software that is an ideal problem resolver.

  • Offices in more than 5 locations worldwide
  • In-house development department
  • In-house consulting experts
  • Multilingual team

Satisfaction speaks for itself – voices of our team

Versatile tasks ensure that it never gets boring. I learn new things every day and can constantly develop personally and professionally by exploring new topics.”

Sebastian Wörz

Atlassian Consultant

Regular knowledge transfers ensure that I get to know new things every day. The atmosphere in the team is warm, open, and familiar at all times. I am pleased to work at Actonic.“

Gabriella Molnar-Tóth

Atlassian Consultant

“I’ve had experience in the IT industry for over 20 years and have worked for several agile companies. At Actonic, I experience unparalleled team cohesion. At any time, you can ask questions and always count on everyone in the team. It’s truly amazing!”

Stefan Schumacher

Atlassian Consultant

Laura Niedermayer

“At Actonic every voice counts! From the beginning on I had a lot of responsibilities and learn something new every day.”

Laura Niedermayer

Partner Manager

Domenico Manzo &

“At Actonic, we believe that great customer service paired with dedication and experience is the key to success for everybody involved.”

Domenico Manzo


“We see our customers as partners, whose goals we achieve together. A long-term relationship based on trust guarantees stability, no matter what.”

Gregor Kasmann


Sounds suitable for you?

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