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Power JQL: Extended Search Functions

Additional useful JQL functions to search for issues across Jira using the power of regular expressions (Regex).

Available for Jira Server and Jira Service Management.


powerIssue in action

Task: Find issues whose summary or description contain any of the listed words in a particular project.

Solution: Issue in powerIssue(“project=POWERJQL”, “summary, description”, “(?i).*(text1|text2).*”)

powerComponent in action

Task: find all unresolved issues where any component contains words “mobile” or “dev”.

Solution: component in powerComponent(“resolution = EMPTY”, “(?i).*(mobile|dev).*”)

powerAttachment in action

Task: Find all issues with the attachments in pdf format containing the word “android” in the title.

Solution: Issue in powerAttachment(“.*(?=android).*(?=pdf).*”)

powerProject in action

Task: find all issues with the particular text in the title.

Solution: project in powerProject(“.*(Customer).*”)

More Details

JQL functions:

  • powerIssue([JQL subQuery, optional], field names, regex expression)
  • powerComponent([JQL subQuery, optional], regex expression)
  • powerAttachment([JQL subQuery, optional], regex expression)
  • powerProject(regex expression)


  • issue in powerIssue(“project=POWERJQL”, “summary, description”, “(?i).*(text1|text2).*”)
  • component in powerComponent(“resolution=EMPTY”, “.*(modile|dev).*”)
  • project in powerProject(“.*(Customer).*”)
  • issue in powerAttachment(“.*(?=android).*(?=pdf).*”)

Leverage the power of pattern-based search across all Jira fields.

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