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Anonymize Jira users: the ultimate guide


Let’s assume one of your employees is leaving the company and you, as a Jira administrator, need to make sure that his data is anonymized. Maybe this employee was involved in hundreds or even thousands of issues. They could have been reporter, assignee, and added comments, work logs, uploaded attachments and much more. Now, that means a lot of work for you since all of this information has to vanish in order to have your Jira data compliant with GDPR, CCPA, or other guidelines.

But how do you get from this:

To this?

To anonymize a Jira user to ensure the “Right to be forgotten” or other rules, you could either:

  1. delete everything, but then you lose all the information you probably need to keep, or

  2. manually search everything and spend lots of time on manual execution, or

  3. use the easy interface of Data Protection and Security Toolkit for Jira.

We’ll show the ultimate Jira user anonymization guide you always wanted to have. Read more on how to succeed with the third option and save time and minimize error rates with our solution.

How to anonymize Jira users video tutorial

In the mood for a great tutorial? Here, you’ll find all the steps for your Jira user anonymization explained:

Sie sehen gerade einen Platzhalterinhalt von Standard. Um auf den eigentlichen Inhalt zuzugreifen, klicken Sie auf den Button unten. Bitte beachten Sie, dass dabei Daten an Drittanbieter weitergegeben werden.

Weitere Informationen

The ultimate guide for Jira user anonymization

Step 1: Open the Data Cleaner Dashboard and select Anonymize Users.

Step 2: In the next screen, click on Anonymize data.

Step 3: Then, you can start typing any User’s name to select the Source user, the person whose content you want to anonymize (in our example: Lucas Miller, the hardworking guy). You can also select already deactivated users – not that easy with the Jira out-of-the-box solution!

Thereafter, you can choose a Target user to take the place of the Source user after anonymization.

As Target User, you can either select an already existing user, or you can create your own dummy user, which will then take over the ownership.

Click on Continue.

Step 4: Now, you can either select projects that are already archived, or you select from the current projects. For Current projects, you also have the option to define the Scope of the projects, which will then be anonymized. Make sure to hit the checkmark to Include all ticket related content, to not miss any relevant content.

Step 5: In this step, you’re able to pick some post anonymization options. For example, if you want to clear the profile data and remove the user from all groups, you simply have to activate the checkmarks. And our tool will take care of everything.

Step 6: If you want to disable the selected user before the anonymization starts, here’s the point to do so. Then, click on Anonymize.

Schritt 7: Bevor der Prozess beginnt, geben wir Ihnen einen Überblick über alles, was danach passieren wird. Sie können transparent nachvollziehen, welche*r Nutzer*in durch welche*n Nutzer*in ersetzt wird und welchen Umfang Sie für das Projekt gewählt haben.

Please keep in mind that anonymization cannot simply be undone. Only if you are absolutely sure about this process, you should perform the anonymization.

At this point, it is necessary to check the box Yes, I confirm that I want to anonymize the data irreversibly.

Hit Anonymize to start the process.

Step 8: When the process is finished, you can navigate to the overview page. It shows you what exactly has been anonymized in your project.

Congratulations, with a few clicks, you have anonymized a Jira user!

If you want to know more, please request a demo, and we will answer all of your questions!

And if you can’t wait to try this great data security tool for Jira yourself right now, feel free to do so.

CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA and more: easily manage all of them!

  • Be safe with risk-free data protection
  • Safeguard all data subjects' privacy rights
  • Also ready for: CCPA, HIPAA, LGPD, etc.
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