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What is Atlassian Access?

Atlassian Access has been part of Atlassian Security since 2018, and is an additional subscription for your Atlassian Cloud products to provide enhanced security. Single Sign-Ons, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or Automated User Provisioning (SCIM) are among the benefits of Atlassian Access.

What Atlassian Access can do

Atlassian Access subscription gives your team of any size a centralized view to manage and monitor your Cloud products. Billing items as well as user management of all (email) domains are centralized in one place.

Many customers use Atlassian Access because it is the only product that can connect to your own identity provider like Azure AD. The ease with which admins can customize multiple authentication policies saves time and minimizes the risk for errors due to manual processes.

Atlassian Access is available for these Cloud products

  • Jira Software
  • Jira Work Management
  • Jira Service Management
  • Confluence
  • Bitbucket
  • Trello
  • Statuspage

Security features of Atlassian Access


  • Connect your identity provider to your Atlassian organization
    • SAML Single Sign-On
      • Users can log in to multiple tools with the same data
    • User provisioning
      • Simplified onboarding for new employees as they automatically have access to the products once they are activated
  • Two-step sign-on
    • Ideal when no identity provider is connected – increase security with an additional sign-on step
  • Review monitoring logs for activity
    • Quickly diagnose issues and problems
  • Revoke a user’s API token
    • Not only see, but also revoke when users create tokens
  • Advanced organizational insights
    • For example, view the number of all active Jira and Confluence users for a given time period
  • Quick support for Atlassian Access



In summary, thanks to Atlassian Access, any team can add an extra layer of security to the Atlassian Cloud architecture. In addition, administrators save a lot of time when it comes to distributing or removing user permissions.

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