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What are the principles of agile project management?

In 2001, software development professionals described in the Agile Manifesto what they consider the framework of an agile way of working. Here, we present some of the core agile values:

  • Teamwork: Individuals and interactions are valued more than processes.

    • Appreciation and encouragement of an individual make daily work easier and increase self-responsibility as well as self-organization in the team.

  • Pragmatism: Functioning software is more important than comprehensive documentation.

    • This does not in any way mean that no value is placed on transparent documentation. However, the focus shifts to the functionality of a (software) solution with documentation that meets requirements. Sprawling bureaucracy steals valuable resources.

  • Communication: Collaboration based mutual trust is more valuable than intensive contract negotiations.

    • Collaboration with customers is more important than talking about long contracts.

  • Flexibility: Reacting quickly to change instead of following a strict plan.

    • It doesn’t help to follow a plan that no longer fits current developments. Dynamic changes and adaptations are essential in an agile way of working.

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