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What additional programs does Atlassian use to support security?

In addition to Zero Trust and encryption, Atlassian uses several programs to ensure that their approach to security remains industry-leading, innovative, and proactive.

These additional security programs include

  • Security Champions program
    • Within each product and service team, there are security champions who take responsibility for implementing all security initiatives among colleagues. Communication should be as open and transparent as possible – just like everywhere else at Atlassian.
  • Security Detection Program
    • Atlassian’s security detection program is embedded in and complements Atlassian’s standard incident management process. In place since 2018, Atlassian’s detection program aims to reduce the time from detection of potential malicious activity. Scheduled searches, optimization of detections, and automations of detection actions are among the measures included in the enhanced program. This helps ensure that, in times of increasing cyber-attacks, the Atlassian Cloud architecture remains secure.
  • Bug bounty program
    • A bug bounty program is a program where companies or other institutions invite hackers to find and report vulnerabilities in software or web services. Atlassian’s bug bounty program is an effective way to identify potential vulnerabilities before they can be discovered and exploited by true hackers.

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