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How is customer data encrypted in Atlassian Cloud products?

To comply with Atlassian’s security model, Atlassian secures customer data using encryption both in transit and at rest.

To protect customer data in Cloud products and services from unauthorized disclosure or modification, it is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2+ and Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) when transmitted over public networks. The use of TLS enforces the use of strong keys and ciphers if the browser supports them. Without authentication, there is no way to view data.

The data drives on servers that store customer data and attachments in various Atlassian Cloud products, such as Jira Cloud, Confluence Cloud, Bitbucket Cloud, Statuspage, Opsgenie, Jira Align, Halp, and Trello, use industry-standard AES-256 full-disk encryption at rest.

For key management, Atlassian uses the AWS Key Management Service (KMS). Through this, encryption, decryption, and key management processes are continuously validated within the internal validation process so that the Atlassian Cloud architecture remains secure.

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