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Can I use Jira software for non-software projects like Marketing or HR?

Yes, Jira software can also be used for non-software projects such as marketing or HR. Although originally developed for software teams, 50% of all Jira users today use the software for non-IT projects, according to Atlassian itself. The flexibility, customizability, ease of use, and scalability of Jira software make it ideal for managing different types of projects and issues. As a result, many teams and departments can use Jira software profitably. Atlassian even offers a set of project templates specifically designed for non-software projects, such as marketing campaigns and HR processes.

Jira use cases


  • Jira Software is popular among marketing teams for planning and managing campaigns and content more effectively, while the single-source feature and custom templates improve collaboration and communication within the team. Transforming the content plan into Jira tickets can also help streamline and improve marketing processes.

Human Resources

  • Using Jira software, HR teams can reduce administrative work and ensure seamless onboarding. Furthermore, Jira helps the HR department gather employee feedback. Then, performance management is easy by recording goal agreements, performance reviews, as well as team development milestones.

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