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What Is Business Intelligence Reporting?

Business Intelligence Reporting or BI-Reporting describes the use of software to collect, process and visualize data in a company. The aim is to make the data easily accessible and precisely analyzed so that informed business decisions can be made easily.

Why Business Intelligence Reporting?

We have already highlighted the benefits of business intelligence in our previous article. The power of this technology also means that not everyone can read the results quickly and easily. This is where Business Intelligence Reporting tools come into play. Because a tool such as Report Builder for Jira is extremely user-friendly. You don’t need any extensive data knowledge to operate it. Reports can be created with just a few clicks and without any coding knowledge.

In Business Intelligence Reporting, data is collected from internal (e.g. sales) .and external sources (e.g. social media) and then prepared for analysis and queries. Metrics such as KPIs are linked to the data and visualized on dashboards.

Business Intelligence Reporting Examples

To understand use cases of Business Intelligence Reporting better, here are some examples:

  • BI Reporting Dashboards: Modern data dashboards offer interactive visualizations that enhance the accessibility and understanding of critical KPIs. Easily create these dashboards using templates or drag-and-drop functionality, providing real-time insights at your fingertips.
  • Self-Service BI: Empower both technical and non-technical users to effortlessly create insightful reports and explore data with a user-friendly interface. No coding required; just a few clicks to generate stunning reports.
  • Embedded BI Reports: If you have to open a reporting tool to get your report, you lose time and productivity. You want reports that relate to your work to always be available directly in the application where you do your work. Integrate a complete BI reporting software seamlessly into your company’s system, portal, or website. This allows all employees to access and use data and reports within their familiar interface, while customizing the look and feel of the reports to match your company’s branding.
  • Static BI: While less common in today’s fast-paced business environment, static reports still hold value. They serve as useful printed documents for supporting discussions during meetings with clients and other stakeholders, offering a traditional yet effective reporting method.
  • Mobile BI: Transform static reports and interactive dashboards into mobile-friendly formats, catering to the needs of employees working from various locations. Stay connected and informed on the go.

Benefits of Business Intelligence Reporting

In these dynamic times and the mass of information that we encounter on a daily basis, manually collecting, managing and analyzing data is almost unthinkable. Specialist knowledge and much more time would be required here. Business intelligence reporting saves a lot of working time and offers other important advantages such as:

  • Speed up and simplify your reporting on business performance and results
  • Enhance your data culture across the organization
  • Using real-time data for analysis
  • Informed and more reliable data for decision-making
  • Competition advantage and differentiation
  • Achieve greater operational efficiency and optimized processes

Best Business Intelligence Reporting Tools

The use of a business intelligence reporting tool can help to improve data quality and also support data purity. Filter quickly and easily for the really relevant KPIs with Report Builder for Jira, for example. Important reports can be visualized in different ways and either shared directly with stakeholders via a link or exported. This ensures that your findings are used directly for decision-making within the company.

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