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What is a Data Center?

A Data Center is a physical location. It is the connection of computers, storage systems and servers to store, process and provide data. Data Centers can be operated by government agencies, institutions, or companies.

Especially in large companies, simple smaller server rooms are not sufficient to permanently store the multitude of critical data such as e-mails, databases, or websites. Data Centers offer reliable and flexible data storage around the clock. Temperature control also ensures that the servers do not overheat.

Roughly, a Data Center system can be divided into the following components:

  • Server hardware: includes all technical components installed in the individual servers, from powerful processors to fast RAM and large hard disks.
  • Active network components: are things like routers, firewalls (hardware) and other controllers that are needed to run an active network and also require their power supply.
  • Passive network components: on the other hand, do not require their own power connection. Cabling, plugs and sockets belong to this category.
  • Subracks: are usually constructed of metal in an international standard size with 19-inch construction. All the components just mentioned are placed in the subracks.

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