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How to configure a company-managed board in Jira?

The configuration of a company-managed board in Jira can only be done by a Jira administrator. Meanwhile, a project administrator can configure the location of the board for team-managed projects in Jira.

Jira board configuration options include:

  • Using the simplified workflow
  • Configuration of columns, swimlanes, and quick filters
  • Configuration on how your board estimates and tracks work
  • Customizing the cards and configuring the issue in detail view
  • Configuration to the working days and change the location of a board

How to start configuring a company-managed board?

Access Board settings:

  • On your Board, click “more”
  • Click “settings”
  • On the settings screen, click “columns” or “swimlanes” etc… (choose a tab from the list)

Rename a board:

To rename a board, click on the “pencil” icon in settings (it will appear when hover), then edit the name of your board, and press Enter when you’re done.

Delete a board:

To delete a board, click in the search box (or press /), then click “show all boards” and select your board on the list, then press “more”, and finally click “delete”.

Change administrator of a board:

You can only change the administrator of a board if you are a Jira administrator or a board administrator.

  • How to change board administrators?

On your board, click “more”, then click “settings”. In settings, select the administrators field and click on any of the names. A “pencil” icon will appear above the name when you hover over them. Start typing, a list will appear, and freely select the name you want to put here, then press enter.

To view the list of suggested users, you must have global permission to browse users and groups. But in any case, you can still enter any username manually.

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