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Your favorite articles of 2022


In 2022, we had more than 12k readers per month. You have eagerly shared, rated and commented on our posts. Thank you very much for that!
To give you the perfect overview of our most valuable content pieces, we've listed the top articles of 2022 here. We have browsed our website, the community blog and our knowledge base.

Have fun exploring!

Mostly viewed articles on our website

We gained many new readers in 2022. Thank you for that!

Among the now more than 490 articles on our website, there were some favorites last year. Here are the articles that received the most hits. Leading the way is this one: JQL to show all Jira issues and subtasks for one Epic.

Do you want to display all Jira issues and subtasks for one specific Epic? You can search manually for your tickets to get an overview for your issues. Or you use our JQL example. Read now and save lots of time with this advanced Jira search!

Your other favorites are:

The best rated

Your opinion counts! At the end of the year, we added a feature to our blog articles that allows you to rate the articles with stars.

Your ultimate fave is Epic vs. Story vs. Task in Jira

In this article, we describe the issue types Epic, Story, and task and showcase in practical examples how they are being used by our consulting and marketing team in the Atlassian ecosystem.

Other top-rated articles are:

Because our rating system is new, we haven’t received an overwhelming amount of feedback yet. Please don’t hesitate to rate your favorite articles afterwards!

Most views on the Atlassian Community

The Atlassian Community enables us like no other platform to discuss with you, discover new features and ask or answer new questions. We would like to thank you for the many inspirations and comments and list here the Actonic articles that have the most views.

The community article that has received the most views from you so far is: Using labels in Jira

In this article, we’ll tell you what to do if you have already created some labels in Jira, but don’t know how to display these in your projects.

The other most viewed Community articles are:

Best liked on Community (published 2022)

Let’s take a look at the latest articles published last year. Among them, you liked this article the most:

Improve your consulting skills using storytelling (

This was a post about our webinar Improve your consulting skills using storytelling – Best tips to convince and inspire your audience. We explained the science behind the fascination with stories, and provided helpful tips to improve consulting to not only convince clients, but to inspire them.

Missed the webinar?

Watch the recording here:

More highly liked articles of 2022 are:

Evergreens in our Knowledge Base

Last bot not least, we set up a Knowledge Base last year, talking about topics like Agile, Jira, and Confluence.

The article with the most views was: Confluence: add a subpage

We showcase how to create a subpage in Confluence in 5 easy steps.

Read other top articles here:

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