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JQL to show all Jira issues and subtasks for one Epic


How to best keep a structured overview of Jira issues? If you and your team use Jira daily, the list of tickets (issues) quickly sums up. Hundreds, maybe thousands of them could be linked, some of them could be tasks and even subtasks.

The problem:

You as a team lead or project lead want to have a better overview of your team’s progress. You want to display all the issues of a specific epic, including stories, tasks, subtasks, and their relation. To manually search for all the tickets of an epic is very time-consuming. And it is not uncommon that stakeholders expect an update within a short period of time.

The solution:

JQL queries are the key to your quick success! Follow these simple steps, and you will be able to view all Jira issues and their subtasks in one epic.

  1. Navigate to the advanced search in Jira:

2. Type in this JQL query:

parentEpic in (x)

Replace X with your epic name

Here is an example of how the Marketing team at Actonic would collect Jira issues belonging to the project Marketing with the Epic “Articles” (Mar-467).

If you’re interested in some more JQL query tips, you can take a look at our: Introduction to JQL: Standard & advanced search in Jira.

If you want more information and explanations about basic Jira terms like epics or stories, or need some best practices, we recommend you to have a look at our Jira Beginners Guide and our knowledge base!

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