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Data Security

More than just data privacy: Permission monitoring in Jira with GDPR (DSGVO) and Security

Which user has which rights and when? The work of system administrators in Jira can be very complex - but not with our GDPR (DSGVO) and Security tool. Here we explain how permissions in Jira work and how to monitor them in an Agile way. Read on and see how our tool can do much more than just data protection.

Search for personal data in Jira and Confluence

Looking for an effective, safe and quick way to find personal data in your Jira and Confluence instance? We explain why you should, in case you don't and give you the solution on how to.

Data privacy in healthcare: Are Jira and Confluence HIPAA-compliant?

DSGVO, GDPR, HIPAA etc. Data privacy laws are increasing. We explain what HIPAA means in relation to the healthcare industry and give first approaches on becoming HIPAA-compliant in Jira and Confluence.

Why everyone using Jira must be GDPR-compliant

Penalties in case of GDPR violations can sum up to multiple millions of dollar. We explain why you should pay attention to GDPR laws in relation to your Jira and give first solutions on how to achieve compliance with a GDPR tool.

Five Ways to Handle Company-Wide Communication: Using our GDPR-Suite for Jira and Confluence

Our GDPR app is even more helpful than "only" for GDPR usage. We present you five more use cases for automated, professional and useful company-wide communication. For example for your Code of Conduct, onboarding processes and other important notifications.