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We have outsourced our Atlassian licensing and services business to the newly founded Seibert Solutions GmbH. Actonic's products will be further developed under the usual name.

Nine questions to migration

Are you currently trying to figure out whether you should migrate to Atlassian Cloud or Data Center? Do you need assistance from an established Atlassian expert to help you make the right decision? We're offering a free quick consultation service, based on your answers. Simply fill out 9 questions to get a migration recommendation.

1/9 What is your current deployment?

2/9 How many users do you have or plan on?

3/9 What product is being evaluated?

4/9 How should the hosting details look like for your product?

5/9 How should the maintenance details look like?

6/9 Can there be downtimes, which are not administrated by your company, e.g. for updates?

7/9 What are your needs in terms of scalability?

8/9 Should the app choice be limitless?

9/9 Should your deployment and data residency be flexible?

Done! You're about to see your results.

Thanks for filling out these questions. On the next page you will receive our recommendation for your future migration.
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Your result – we recommend choosing:

Data Center
Current deployment:
User tier:
Downtimes through others allowed:
App choice limits:
Deployment & Data Residency:

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