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Actonic successfully trains Jira developer in telecommunication company

About the company

The customer is one of Germanies biggest telecommunication companies. With several services and products in cellular network, landline, internet and TV, it gathers more than 50 million customers.

The request: Getting a developer fit in Jira - conducting a Jira developer training on high-scale level

The customer requested a 1on1, intensive training for an in-house developer, to customize and extend Jira functionalities in the future more efficiently. The goal was: getting the employee fit in Groovy, ScriptRunner and app development. A detailed, all-embracing training should enable the developer to get active in app development himself afterwards. The customer already had some knowledge of HTML and CSS.

The training

The training was conducted by our Head of Development himself, set up in the customer intention and held online. Several days were planned for the training and contained the following agenda:

  1. Process of app development
    1. What is a Jira app?
    2. Get to know the Atlassian Marketplace
    3. Structure of a development surrounding
    4. Skeleton of an app
    5. Debugging in Intellij IDEA
    6. Admin section in an app
    7. Test run
  2. App framework
    1. Jira architecture
    2. Third-party components
    3. Atlassian-plugin.xml
    4. API
    5. Web resources
    6. REST Services
  3. Custom fields
    1. Developing custom fields
    2. Customizing change log values
  4. Workflow of programming
    1. Writing a workflow condition, validator and post function
  5. Gadgets and reports in Jira
    1. Creation of a report in Jira
    2. Permission settings for reports in Jira
    3. Adjusting gadgets and permissions
  6. Search and filtering functions
    1. Creation & sanitizing JQL functions
    2. Index and De-index
    3. Creation, updating and deleting filters
  7. Customizing the UI
    1. Editing the look and feel
    2. New web sections and items in UI
    3. New links in project-centric view
  8. Remote access to Jira
    1. REST API
  9. Listeners and schedules tasks
    1. Writing of scheduled tasks and listeners


The trainer explained everything theoretically and answered questions in detail. He also presented everything practically in Jira, showed each section and step for app development. The attendee was able to answer all of his questions and direct the training. Based on the theoretical data, the attendee successfully built a small, but useful application for Jira Data Center by mentoring of the trainer.

Summarized results

  • Creation of a customized, extensive training schedule
  • 1on1 training and consultation and hands-on training
  • Room for questions and customer wishes

About Actonic

Actonic is a Stuttgart-based IT consulting company with offices in Germany, Russia and Poland. We utilize cutting-edge technologies to provide solutions allowing efficient IT infrastructures, processes optimization, and GDPR compliance. With 20+ years of experience in the field, we drive forward innovation and digital transformation to deliver flexible, agile and cost-effective solutions and to add value, unfold our customers’ potential and help them achieve their business goals.

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