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Atlassian Jira training

Learning by doing

Jira is an effective Atlassian web application for task and project management in business. Through workflows, tasks, scrum boards and other features, projects can be planned and tracked properly, while team members are organized and work effectively.

In addition to Jira’s main application, there are a lot of customizable apps with different features. As an Atlassian partner, we offer our own Jira training where we’ll tell you about the web-interface and showcase the usage of different features and combinations of Jira with different Atlassian, Actonic or partner products.

Training variants & content

Topic & target group
Content Duration
Jira basics
  • What is Jira and what is it used for?
  • How is Jira organized?
  • How do you work effectively in Jira projects?
1 day
Jira Agile
  • What is Jira and what is it used for?
  • How is Jira organized?
  • What does Agile mean in correlation to Jira?
  • What is Scrum, Kanban, backlog und sprint?
  • How do you work with Jira Agile?
1 day
Jira for project managers or admins
  • What role assignments are possible in Jira?
  • What are versions in Jira?
  • What are components and how do you use them?
  • Learn everything about project overview via dashboards, filters and more
1 day
Jira reports
  • How is it possible to evaluate Jira and what is the purpose?
  • What are reports and dashboards?
1 day
Jira advanced
  • How do JQL Basic and Advanced work?
  • How do you use dashboards effectively?
  • What kind of reports are available and how do you use them?
1 day
Jira for system administrators
  • Issues and their configurations
  • How do you use the configurations properly?
  • Project area in detail
  • User management
  • Information about errors and how to fix them
2 days
Jira for developers
  • Handling of data fields
  • Integrating and administrating automatisms
  • Programming languages Groovy and Java
  • Developing REST API and other APIs
  • Developing and implementing Jira add-ons
2 days

Practical Example

  • A new project is being created in Jira.
  • All necessary workflows are determined and integrated.
  • First issues are being created.
  • Responsible user groups and their access permissions are determined.
  • Issues are assigned to users.
  • The project lead and other users get access to the project dashboard.
  • The project lead gets access to reporting.
  • Jira for beginners,
  • Jira for project managers,
  • Jira for system administrators.

We are able to organize the training in your company, online or in our office in Stuttgart.

The length depends on the content, attendees’ knowledge and goals. It may vary from a few hours up to 2 days.

We offer the training in German and English.

Our trainings are delivered by our qualified consultants. All our trainers have a wealth of experience from working on multiple Jira projects for customers. Many of them hold an Atlassian certificate.

Our training courses are designed to deliver knowledge in a structured and efficient manner to provide a consistent training experience for all participants.

Feel free to contact us to schedule your training!

Customer voices

“Actonic showed us in an eight-hour training where the numerous possibilities with reporting in Jira lie. What started with the basics, such as boards and JQL, progressed step by step to integrated reports and available Jira Apps. In doing so, our group was guided through the structured expertise in an extremely competent manner. Questions could be asked and answered in detail at any time. Thank you very much for the helpful tips!”

“To profit from Jira’s and BigPicture’s benefits, we booked a 2-day online training. Our experienced trainer demonstrated how to optimize our intransparency, project delay and usage of these tools. Beneficial for future training purposes is the extensive training recording!“

“Also, at our Jira training for project managers or admins, we knew we were at the right place at Actonic since the first minute of our training. Our trainer prepared himself extensively to our situation and created a training that was tailored to the needs of our company. We are looking forward to new trainings made by Actonic!”

“Due to an upcoming cloud migration, it was particularly important for us to complete a professional Jira and Confluence training for administrators. In addition to the outstanding expertise of the consultant Victoria Wohlwend, we were particularly impressed by the dynamic agenda. All our suggestions were implemented directly and in an agile manner. Practical exercises brought everyone up to the same level of knowledge. The next training for users is already booked – we are looking forward to it!”

“As a medical platform developing managed care solutions, we need high-quality and efficient tools – and the knowledge of how best to use them. Thanks to Actonic’s Jira & Confluence Basic training, we can now reliably determine when to use Jira and when to use Confluence in our organization. We received detailed insights, additional information and best practices on both software products. Even questions that were not directly related to the agenda were answered in an excellent professional manner. Many thanks for this enrichment. A clear recommendation!”

“To ensure that we as a consulting company can make our customers fit for the future, we are always looking for the most innovative tips and tricks. At Actonic’s Jira Basic Training, we found what we were looking for. Filter usage, reporting, or dashboard hacks: the training showed us how to use Jira professionally and effectively. The consultant Sven Engisch inspired us with his profound knowledge and skills – far beyond the predefined agenda. Great experience.”

“We rely on intelligent networks as well as communication solutions and have therefore been using Atlassian products for years. With the Jira and Confluence admin training by Actonic, we were able to professionalize our daily work with the tools. The consultants Sven Engisch and Victoria Wohlwend skillfully explained basics, settings, functions as well as practical usage tips. Even spontaneous questions were answered immediately to our complete satisfaction. A very beneficial training!”

“As a developer and admin in DevOps and agile development, I was looking for automations to optimize our workflows. In an excellent one-to-one training session, Jira and JSM were explained to me in exceptional detail, just as I had requested. Actonic also clarified specific questions without further ado. I especially liked that a qualified developer spontaneously had time to explain something to me about the Rest API on a particularly high technical level. Impressive performance, Actonic. Thank you very much!”

“As a young non-profit organization, we lacked the technical expertise to optimize Confluence and Jira for our needs. Thankfully, we found Actonic. The highly experienced consultant Erjon Tusha patiently answered all our questions and delivered perfect training sessions with additional materials and great information. Now, we know exactly how to use Jira and Confluence to our benefit. A thousand thanks for this experience!”

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