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We have outsourced our Atlassian licensing and services business to the newly founded Seibert Solutions GmbH. Actonic's products will be further developed under the usual name.

Digital Transformation

Solutions for people rather than software for companies

In your duty as a workers council or project manager: Would you prefer to have a better overview?
Would you like to easily set and edit permissions for tools and collaborate with other teams in a more productive way?

Whatever you do and wherever you work, you engage in communication and collaboration.
The combination of the right – and customized – software and intensive training is our key.
We optimize with people for people.

Digital transformation with Actonic:

  • Integrate user in the transformation
  • Define requirements
  • Test environments

Digital transformation is for

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CEOs & project managers


  • Get an insight into every department & project in one system
  • Use your employees’ capacity efficiently
  • Manage budget

Support team

Reduce your complexity & optimize your productivity

  • Manage support tickets across teams & transparent
  • Offer better & faster support

Workers council

Reduce complexity & determine access authorization

  • Consistent, individual interface for all projects
  • Pushing forward data security & communication
  • Manage any access authorizations in one place

The phases of digital transformation

  • Are you capable of overviewing your work?
  • Do you struggle with an abundance of communication channels?
  • Is your task assignment not efficient and your feedback not transparent?
  • Are your stakeholders and executives missing a central knowledge base & regular status updates?

Analysing the challenges and generating requirements  – that is our expertise!
In your transformations we focus mainly on people, not on software. It’s the people’s pain points, which should be solved first.

During our workshops we get to know the people and their pain points. Afterwards we help you to optimize your processes through simplification, automation and centralization.

We show you first approaches and solutions.

If the problem and the solution is known, we create a proof of concept in order to make the transformation feasible.

  • We talk you through the technical parts of the application, acceptance tests and implementation.
  • We show you different approaches on our and your testing environment. 
  • You test the features productively yourself.

We implement and licence the tested and productively used functions.
We offer trainings for different kind of knowledge levels.

We put the tested environment into operation.

Once the software is running, part of our service for working processes is our support. Only if you’re optimizing continuously, you meet the users needs behind the processes.

With these products we support your digital transformation

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Your digital benefits

  • Central communication for requirements
  • Fast status query
  • Reducing E-mails, PDFs & other documents
  • Better transparency

We focus on people

Digital transformation means bringing people and software closer.
We primarily integrate the requirements of your users in order to present and implement the ideal software.