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Actonic's Partner Program

Partnership means friendship

To provide the best solution possible, we love to collaborate with strong partners in our industry. They are solution partners, developers, marketing experts and vendors.

Our Partner Program


To skill-up partners and users in apps and systems, we offer customizable trainings.

  • Partner training for Actonic apps
  • Customer trainings for partner apps (incl. training landingpages on
  • Training for software like Salesforce & WalkMe
  • We train you as partners for free

Consulting & Support

Consulting and supporting partner customers in technical integrations, problem solutions and individual development.

  • For Atlassian Toolstack
  • For WalkMe
  • For Salesforce
Learning by doing


True to the motto „spread the word“ we promote our shared message.

  • Activating different channels & wide-reaching multiplicators
  • Concepting a marketing strategy
  • Knowledge-sharing & integration into Actonic’s network
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Supporting partners in sales pitches and product demos for

  • Partner apps & Actonic apps
  • Atlassian Toolstack
  • Salesforce
  • WalkMe
  • You as partners receive our apps for free


We offer discounts for partners and their customers.

  • Discounts for Actonic apps
  • Discounts for apps from other vendors


Fulfilling individual app development and configuration requests for

  • Atlassian Toolstack
  • Salesforce
  • WalkMe

Successful joint ventures

Joint success

  • 50-75 % show-up rate
  • Multiple hot leads after webinars
  • Training inquiries after webinars
  • Multiple new contacts for e-mail campaigns

Joint process

Together we concept attractive and informative webinars with lead-magnet potential.

  • Choosing the topic & creating webinar slides
  • Strategy & design planning for webinar promotion
  • Dry-runs
  • Preparing FAQs, recordings and follow-ups
  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing through Sales/After-Sales

Joint success

  • Happy customers
  • Growing capacities for requests
  • Enabling individual solutions from experts

Joint process

Together we consult partners with:

  • Customized consulting packages
    • Software implementation
    • Migration
    • Training
    • Individual configurations / developments
  • Customized support packages

Joint success

  • Conversions through e-mail campaigns
  • More visibility on social media for services & solutions
  • Opening new markets (e.g. DACH market for English speaking partners)
  • Emphasizing the status as experts
  • Skyrocketing SEO ranking

Joint process

Working on industry relevant content in at least two languages (German and English)

  • Translation of partner content for new markets
    • E-books, white paper, articles
  • Creation of new content
    • Articles for or partner blog
    • White papers / guidelines
  • Promotion on Social media and via e-mail
    • Target group analysis
    • Creation of posts & emails
    • Activating well-known multiplicators

Actonic as a partner

Our highest priority: We want to create a win-win-win situation – for customers, partners and us. Creating solutions is more important than achieving sales numbers at this point.

Collaborations should be professional but friendly, with the customer interest in mind and at eye level. Therefore we dispense partner contracts, because trust is the base of our partnerships.

We want to say thank you – and our partners do to

“We really enjoy cooperating with Actonic. It’s fun and has produced great outcomes! Actonic is a team of professionals, who have acquired full expertise around our products —  we are able to trust in providing our mutual clients with qualified, competent technical assistance around the BigPicture suite of apps.  Thanks guys, for putting in exactly what it takes to build a great, collaborative and engaging partnership!”

Adriana Fibingier-Pawelska

Communications and Partner Relations, SoftwarePlant

Our partners

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Benefits for our partners

  • Strong partner in case of capacity struggles
  • Offering more & customized solutions to customers
  • Opening new markets with Actonic

Unfolding new potential hand-in-hand

Get to know us, our goals and values. Let’s think big together and start planning!