Business transformation with Actonic & KAMPINADA - Actonic – Unfolding your potential

It's time for a business transformation!

Change is always complex and multidimensional. In order for your company to unfold its full potential, you need not only excellent software, but also top organizational structures and clearly defined goals.

Together with our partner KAMPINADA we support you individually in your business transformation. KAMPINADA stands for first-class management consulting that enables you to recognize and maximize all opportunities for your company.

Your benefits

  • Support in setting your own goals
  • Insight into appropriate support and change management
  • Understanding of multidimensional (influencing) factors
  • Inspire employees and move the company forward

The phases of business transformation

Define the transformation goal

We take the time to work out your individual transformation goal. After all, your project, team, or company is tied to special requirements, which we will analyze in detail.

Strengthen security

Is (self-)doubt holding you back from unfolding your full potential? As soon as you radiate confidence, you will act as a role model throughout the company.

Improve communication

Old conflicts and blockages in the company can be resolved through transformation methodologies. The new type of trust-based collaboration enables high-performance.

A vital company

Full of agile dynamics, your company reacts to unplanned changes. Shared experiences provide the ideal foundation for successfully shaping the future.

Best performance with Actonic & Dr. Daniela Wolff

Like the founders of Actonic, Dr. Wolff has a strong IT industry background. After studying computer science, she worked for many years as a project manager and in business consulting. Being the founder of KAMPINADA enables her to individually and thus holistically support companies in the process of business transformation.

Get the right mindset for agile software!

With Actonic and KAMPINADA, you have the right tools to successfully and sustainably transform your company.