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We have outsourced our Atlassian licensing and services business to the newly founded Seibert Solutions GmbH. Actonic's products will be further developed under the usual name.

Atlassian cloud migration by experts

Faster achievements, increased productivity and agility, and cost savings: the benefits of Atlassian cloud migration are numerous. The Atlassian Server End of Life announcement is another reason to consider cloud migrations. But how do you profitably migrate Jira, Confluence and more to the cloud? Which migration plan is ideal for your company?

Our experienced consulting team will gladly support you in answering these and other questions.

We are perfectly trained in performing secure and fast Atlassian cloud migrations. Thanks to detailed requirements analysis and regular, trustworthy communication, we are your reliable partners on the road to the success promising cloud.

We would be happy to advise you in an initial meeting, free of charge and completely without obligation.

Chrysostomos Gitas, Sales

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Unfold your full potential with Actonic’s cloud migration service

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Brands that trust Actonic

You’re in good hands. These companies are unfolding their potential with us:

Thorben Petersen

IT Project Leader

“The Atlassian Cloud Migration was an important milestone for the SPIEGEL Group regarding technology. I would like to thank the dedicated Actonic project team for the trusting and professional cooperation. The challenges were identified at an early stage and jointly mastered through customized solutions.”

“Actonic provided excellent services to our team. We not only received support for the installation of Jira and Confluence, but also got an easy introduction of the applications. In addition, Actonic helped us to integrate the applications into our system and configured them according to our requirements. We already see how the usage simplify our workflows. Thank you very much for your effort!

Moritz Lieb

Development, First Cash Solution

“In order to optimize internal technical processes, we were looking for a flexible and trustworthy expert with a wide knowledge base in IT. In Actonic we were able to find a strong partner and would like to say thank you for quick implementations!”

Kai Doerk

CEO, ASEKURADO Versicherungsmakler GmbH

“Again, Actonic has supported us with its expertise and delivered great results which were quickly implemented in a productive environment.”

SENEC GmbH, Leipzig

Advantages of Atlassian Cloud compared to Server and Data Center

  • Improved security in the cloud

  • Increased performance and productivity

  • Ultimate flexibility and scalability

  • Enhanced agility in the cloud

  • Instant access to the latest features

  • Guaranteed support SLAs and data security checks

  • No minimum user limit

  • Clear roadmap for continuous product upgrades

  • Time savings of 25% engineering time

  • High cost savings due to reduced operational costs

Want to learn more about your personal cost savings with the Atlassian Cloud? Then take Atlassian’s cloud savings test.

Atlassian Cloud Migration Service by Actonic

This is how we serve you

Depending on the complexity and size of your team, a migration can take up to nine months or even longer. Actonic will faithfully assist you from the initial consultation to a successful migration.

We will discuss your use cases with Atlassian products and evaluate them with regard to the upcoming migration. The entire Atlassian toolstack (Jira, Confluence, BigPicture, Bamboo, Opsgenie and others) is covered by Actonic.

Furthermore, we perform a GDPR assessment and provide you with helpful tips affecting data protection in the cloud. Even complex app migrations (also from third-party providers) are a standard part of our migration service.

Not sure if Cloud is the right choice?
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Step-by-Step to your new infrastructure with Atlassian Cloud

Migration plan

Phase 0: Qualification

  • We discuss your motivation for migrating to Cloud, your instance size and the complexity of migration.
  • We talk about and to users, teams, and stakeholders involved in a possible migration.
  • We define restrictions and requirements for data protection.
  • We get an overview of used apps, individual configuration and data.

Phase 1: Assessment

  • We check cloud-readiness of your IT architecture and instances. We use migration support from Atlassian, in the Cloud Migration Playbook and from a Migration Manager.
  • We create price plans for your instances, apps and migration costs.
  • We verify support requirements for end users.
  • We check security standards and your possibilities with Cloud.
  • We create a first draft for your migration strategy.

Phase 2: Plan

  • We define your domain, user tier, migration method and roadmap.
  • We set up a test instance for Cloud.
  • We define your internal and external migration team.

Phase 3: Prepare

  • We take the necessary precautions for the migration.
  • We define your strategy, migration path and communication for Atlassian.
  • We check necessary Cloud access and settings.
  • We clean-up your self-hosted instances and data.
  • We develop training material for your users.

Phase 4: Test

  • We check test plans and data.
  • We run first test migrations with projects and data.
  • We migrate the first apps.
  • We test user acceptancy.
  • We develop further training material.
  • We support you in notifying your users.

Phase 5: Migration

  • We finalize last steps and data for migration.
  • We support you in redirecting your URL and users to Cloud.
  • We set up read-only settings for Server.
  • We migrate apps, projects and data.
  • We support you in answering migration questions from your users.
  • We check your Cloud instance.
  • We complete post-migration checks.

Phase 6: Launch

  • We run a retrospective and talk about your migration process.
  • We support you welcoming your users to Cloud.
  • We develop final training material and support you in answering questions.

Why you should choose Actonic as your Cloud migration partner

Avoid migration risks and benefit from our expert knowledge

Arrange a free consultation for your Atlassian environment

We offer you a reliable and competent contact person

Regular updates throughout the migration process

Be ahead of the game and the first to benefit from the latest product updates

Increase scalability, save on hosting costs and overcome all known limitations with Atlassian’s trustworthy Cloud