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One into two: Builder-App-Suite extension

Report Builder is split into two apps. Some modules can now be found in the new app: Timesheet Builder. Learn everything you need to know about the extension of our Builder-App-Suite here!
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How to ensure secure time tracking with Jira

You are a Jira administrator and responsible for the security of your Jira time tracking? Sounds like little fun and a lot of effort at first, but we have a solution for you. Discover now the ultimate guide on how to easily fulfill privacy compliant and secure time tracking in Jira!
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Jira time tracking apps – the ultimate comparison 2022

Jira time tracking tools are ten a penny. But which one is right for your company? We have selected the most successful apps and compared them for you based on the most important criteria. Find your individual time and team management solution now!
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How to manage teams in Jira effortlessly

Being responsible for a team is a wonderful feeling, but also a great challenge. Especially when your team members are globally spread and have different capacities and working hours. We will show you how to manage teams in Jira effortlessly!
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Jira team management lifesaver

Leading a team is hard. Jira makes it easier. We make it an event and give helpful team management tips along the way. In the end, the ultimate Jira Team Management Lifesaver is waiting for you. Discover it now!
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