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Atlassian Team ’23, here we come!

We'll be back in Las Vegas again this year at Atlassian Team '23. Find us at booth 43 and learn about a tool that will make you love data protection. Here comes an introduction session of our Vegas team.

Promo Codes for Actonic products

We are convinced of our products and use them ourselves every day. But your opinion is also important to us. As a reward for your valuable experience, you will receive codes to use our products free of charge!

Your favorite articles of 2022

In 2022, you have eagerly shared, rated and commented on our posts. To give you the perfect overview of our most valuable content pieces, we've browsed our website, the community blog and our knowledge base and listed your favorites. Have fun!

For our community: We go open source

For the community, we've come up with something exceptional: We're going open source! From now on, the source codes of selected apps are freely available on GitHub. Take a look, make changes, give feedback – all of this and more is now possible for free. Get started right away!

What Atlassian Day 2022 by META-INF has in common with The Matrix

One of my favorite films is The Matrix. It masterfully plays with ideas about identity, perception, truth and transcendence. Of course, it also has amazing action, stunt work and – at that time – groundbreaking visual effects. But what does that have to do with the recently wrapped Atlassian Day 2022 by META-INF in Budapest?