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How to easily create and configure a Kanban Board in Jira

The efficient creation and configuration of Kanban boards in Jira has to be learned. In this article, you can. We'll start with the basics and explain what the benefits of the Kanban methodology are and how it differs from Scrum. Have fun!
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How to Use Jira for Project Management in 2023

Planning, implementing and monitoring projects efficiently is no walk in the park. The number one tool, Jira can profitably support you in all phases of the project management. Here are our best practices for your success!
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What is Jira, and why use it?

Why do so many organizations around the world use Jira? What is Jira actually? Why is it so popular, and which benefits of the software can be found in different use cases? Find out in our article!
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How to comply with the CCPA Right to Know

The right to know is an important subject right under CCPA. To ensure it, you should create cookie banners and privacy policies. We will show you the best way to do it!
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Jira and Confluence are now HIPAA-compliant

Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud are now HIPAA-compliant. Atlassian has published an announcement with a helpful HIPAA implementation guide. Follow these tips and you can confidently use Jira and Confluence Cloud in healthcare!
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