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We have outsourced our Atlassian licensing and services business to the newly founded Seibert Solutions GmbH. Actonic's products will be further developed under the usual name.


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#doITSMart at Atlassian Day 2023

Here comes our review from META-INF Atlassian Day 2023. Under the motto ITSM, we presented Jira reporting solutions that will help you analyze your Jira data!
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META-INF Atlassian Day 2023, here we come!

The META-INF Atlassian Day is back again! The topic this year will be ITSM. Actonic will also give an exciting presentation and introduce the Watson to your ITSM Sherlock. Learn more here!
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Atlassian Team’23: Actonic’s personal Recap

Atlassian Team23 is finished and it was overwhelming! Here you can find out what happened behind the scenes. Lost luggage and marriage proposals on the Colorado River were just the beginning of a spectacular event.
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Atlassian Intelligence is coming

Atlassian Intelligence - your new virtual teammate is coming. This announcement was definitely the highlight of the Team'23 Opening Keynote. Find out all the information about it and what else was presented in this article!
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What is Jira, and why use it?

Why do so many organizations around the world use Jira? What is Jira actually? Why is it so popular, and which benefits of the software can be found in different use cases? Find out in our article!
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Atlassian Team ’23, here we come!

We'll be back in Las Vegas again this year at Atlassian Team '23. Find us at booth 43 and learn about a tool that will make you love data protection. Here comes an introduction session of our Vegas team.
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What Atlassian Day 2022 by META-INF has in common with The Matrix

One of my favorite films is The Matrix. It masterfully plays with ideas about identity, perception, truth and transcendence. Of course, it also has amazing action, stunt work and – at that time – groundbreaking visual effects. But what does that have to do with the recently wrapped Atlassian Day 2022 by META-INF in Budapest?
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