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Atlassian Intelligence is coming


Impossible things are only impossible alone

This is the motto under which the Opening Keynote of this year’s Atlassian Team’23 event was kicked off. For years, Atlassian has stood for teamwork that transcends all local, linguistic or temporal boundaries, as well as groundbreaking innovations. One of them was announced at the grand opening: Atlassian Intelligence (AI). We are overwhelmed and want to directly share our impressions and all important information with you!

Atlassian Intelligence – your new virtual teammate

We all know ChatGPT. Whether we love it or rather not is another question. In any case, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will greatly accelerate our ability to unleash the potential of all our teams in the future.

Mike Cannon-Brookes introduced the new virtual teammate, as they call the AI. It will be available across all of Atlassian’s Cloud products and will significantly change the way we all work.

Cannone-Brookes demonstrated the reach and power of the new Atlassian Intelligence with a few use cases – some of which left us so amazed that we could only clap with a time delay.

Here come the strengths:

Get instant help

Atlassian Intelligence provides instant help in Slack and Microsoft Teams. This means you no longer have to wait for a person to help you when you ask a question. The virtual agent is on the spot. It can be named individually (Charlie in the example), uses the latest big language models to understand speech, participate in conversations, answer questions, and even take action. The virtual agent is available for you 24/7. This feature saves you precious time and allows you to focus on other tasks.


Accelerate all your work

Atlassian Intelligence does the heavy lifting for you and helps you create new content. Among other things, you can use AI to adjust the tone of your response in a service ticket. Empathy should never fall by the wayside, but just before closing time, sometimes you just don’t have the energy anymore – AI helps you with that.


The virtual teammate types for you, but you are always in control! Nothing gets sent until you make final edits.

In Jira Software, Atlassian Intelligence can add rich content, including tables, emojis, and smart links.

In Confluence, it’s quick and easy to summarize meeting notes. Who said what exactly, when? And what is the context? The virtual colleague understands.


On the go? If you’re working quickly on your mobile app while you’re on the road, brainstorming tweet ideas, for example, you can quickly find advice and decide between professional or more casual tweets.

Learn on the fly

Atlassian calls it “Learn on the fly”, an impressive feature that will be implemented in the future. Because you know the problem: that one colleague who always uses foreign words on Confluence pages to seem smart – but that makes teamwork much more difficult.

Atlassian Intelligence makes accessing your organization’s knowledge within Atlassian Cloud products quick and easy. Systems, projects, shortcuts, metrics are identified and briefly explained at your request.


You will enjoy, so to speak, a live dictionary, glossary and knowledge graph, which are all automatically created specifically for your company, based on your company’s data.

Ask and answer anything

Then there are those colleagues who have been with the company for 15 years and know everything, absolutely everything. Like a walking encyclopedia. But if he or she isn’t around to explain where the fire extinguisher is or how the vacation request went again, things look bleak. Therefore, simply use Atlassian Intelligence.

This feature will be implemented first in Confluence and allows you to ask a question in ordinary language, which will be answered by AI.

In addition, Atlassian Intelligence can also understand your normal language queries in Atlassian Analytics and convert them into complex queries. In this way, you can get data from multiple resources such as Jira Software and Jira Service Management.

JQL support

Probably one of the most groundbreaking features of Atlassian Intelligence is its JQL support. After all, some people still struggle with JQL and struggle to find the result they want to query; if they succeed at all.

Thanks to Atlassian Intelligence, you can type your query in normal language – your virtual colleague will translate for you in JQL. The AI understands Issue Status, Custom Fields, Priorities, Relative Data, and also allows us to find issues based on 3rd party tools connected to Jira through the open tool chain.


This feature is also directly available for all Jira Cloud products and adapts individually to the language of your team – perfect for global teams!

Benefits of Atlassian Intelligence

The new intelligence is unique in the world because it uses rich text and can understand the company-wide context of data. It works across all Cloud products and can even create actions and assign them directly to team members.

While Atlassian has long relied on machine learning and big language models, it now combines them with actual data to get the most out of your work.

How do I get Atlassian Intelligence?

To get early access to Atlassian Intelligence, you should sign up for the waiting list. So far, however, there is no concrete date when the feature will be unlocked. But we will keep you up to date. So, it pays to be quick!

How much does Atlassian Intelligence cost?

Atlassian Intelligence offers a combination of free and paid features. Early access customers selected from the waiting list can use all features for free until the product is generally available. The Jira Service Management virtual agent is included at no additional cost in Premium and Enterprise plans, depending on the terms of use.

What else was important in the Opening Keynote

Even though everyone is now talking about the Atlassian Intelligence announcement, there was plenty of other exciting information that we don’t want to deprive you of.

Information on data protection

In her speech, Anu Bharadwaj listed the milestones that Atlassian has already achieved in terms of data protection. These include data residency in new regions, including Germany, and Beacon for security threat detection. The integration of the new Privacy and Security tab in Marketplace Apps was also a topic.

Confluence Whiteboards

Confluence is the ultimate backbone for asynchronous communication. With Confluence Whiteboards, you will soon have a digital canvas to visualize work. Features like stamps, stickers, timers, are integrated, and you can convert stickers directly into Jira issues! Importing Jira issues to your whiteboard is also possible. Smart sections with automations help you group related items and tasks neatly. Confluence Whiteboards will be free for all users – and is also available through a waiting list.

Atlassian Together

Atlassian Together is a single Cloud subscription to the entire Atlassian family of work management products including Trello, Jira Work Management, Atlas and Confluence. The goal of the all-in-one solution is to align autonomous teams and the tools they use to support enterprise digital transformation. Atlassian Together also includes Atlassian Access enterprise-class identity and access management (IAM), which enables simple and secure user management. Currently, Atlassian Together is already available for purchase.

Feel free to make up your own mind and watch the keynote online.

This was the update of the Opening Keynote

Wenn Sie Fragen rund um die Updates haben, kontaktieren Sie uns gerne. Wir freuen uns, gemeinsam mit Ihnen die Atlassian Intelligence zu entdecken!

If you have any questions around the updates, feel free to contact us. We look forward to exploring Atlassian Intelligence with you!

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