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Teams and Timesheets not working anymore in Report Builder?


Hi, dear Report Builder user. Have you just logged in and noticed some changes? Wondering where the timesheets went? How to manage your teams or track your working hours now?

Here are the answers and solutions to your problem!

What happened?

At Actonic, we strive to provide our customers with a perfect experience with the best features. We want to give you the maximum, so we decided to move some modules from Report Builder to the new Timesheet Builder app. Namely, Teams and Timesheets. You can find more information about the process and background of the extension in our Builder app suite extension article.

This is the new Report Builder

Report Builder is still your app for creating highly customizable Jira reports with an excellent Report Building Service that creates any report imaginable designed especially for your organization. With Report Builder, you can still:

  • Create custom reports

  • Easily use pre-built report templates

  • Customize reports in code with HTML and JavaScript

  • Script reports from scratch

  • Export reports to Excel, CSV or PDF

Missing teams and timesheets?

If you want to quickly and easily use work logs with great privacy settings, as well as successfully manage your teams in Jira, you need Timesheet Builder from now on.

What you can do now

As a Jira user

  • Contact your admin and describe why you need the new app. They will initiate everything that is necessary

As a Jira Admin

  • Install Timesheet Builder

  • Ask us for a discount code through our support portal

  • Use the discount code provided in the email

  • Migrate your configurations from Report Builder with the help of this migration guide and this export guide

    • Please make sure to migrate the data from Report Builder first, before making any other settings

  • Now you can customize the new app with these configuration tips

  • Done; track time, manage teams and create secured work logs as you wish!

Don’t forget: If you decide to integrate Timesheeet Builder, we’ll give you an attractive special offer. Up to 100% discount on the rest of your current license for testing Timesheet Builder is waiting for you. Contact us to receive your individual offer!

Your productivity boost with Timesheet Builder

  • Easy individual time tracking
  • Comply with privacy policies
  • Efficiently manage teams in Jira
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