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Timesheet Builder Version 1.14.0. Release Notes (DC/Cloud)

Immediate visibility

The logic of getting updated data changed. All changes are applied and shown immediately, you don’t need to reload the page. If you log time on a non-working day, you will get a notification that the scope you are logging time to isn’t in your usual working scheme.

Time tracking as individual as you

The tooltip on My Timesheets provides you with an overview of the logged hours assigned to a team. Previously, we showed the line with hours that weren’t assigned to a team always, no matter if time was booked or not. Now we show that line “Outside of any team” only if the user booked a work log outside of any team on that day.

Please notice – if you aren’t allowed to book time outside of any teams or if you haven’t logged time outside of a team yet, nothing will be displayed.

Analyze your productivity

The capacity column has been added to the Timesheet view on the team level. This option can be used for better visualization and to compare spent time and actual user capacity without switching from one view to another.

Manage your team’s working schedule in one place

We added an option to disallow changing the working days, so only the team leader or users with permissions are allowed to change the non-working days on a team level and no individual change can be made.

This is especially useful if you have another system in place where you track for example sick leaves and want to enhance project time tracking by using Timesheet Builder – you spend less time managing the individual leaves and can manage them on a team level. You can simply set one working days scheme for your team members and disallow to change it on a personal level by marking the “Allow working days changes” checkbox in the settings.

You’ve got mail

If a single work log was changed, E-Mail notifications are now sent to the work log author. Previously, notifications were sent if the team manager assigned work logs to a team using the bulk option.


Bugs belong in the garden, not in digital products. So we fixed them 🐞

Create your team faster

We changed the team creation modal dialog, so now the user can select team type without scrolling through the modal dialog.

Track your time according to your schedule

In the time tracking dialog date started is now according to the user’s timezone.

Data Center exclusive

Team picker dialogue fix

The permission model has been changed and the correct teams are shown in the team picker. Previously when editing a work log on behalf of another user, there were shown some teams, on which the actor has permissions, but work log author did not.

Cohesive time format for german users

In the German version by editing a work log like 1d / 1t (1 day/Tag) spent time was returned in German as 1t. To save a work log user had to change the format to English manually. Now our app fixed this behavior and spent time is returned in English.

Calculation fix

Now the sum of logged time on the time tracking panel in a ticket is shown as the total spent time including the sum of the spent time of secured work logs.

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