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Jira time tracking apps – the ultimate comparison 2022


“Tracking working time: Yes or no?” Is no longer the question.

Jira time tracking apps in comparison

At the latest, since new working time recording laws have been up for discussion in Europe, European companies have been urged to rethink their current time tracking practices. Digital time tracking and team management applications like Jira go a long way, but inevitably run into some limitations. That’s why there are several time management apps on the Atlassian Marketplace that complement the built-in Jira features.

The problem? A barely comprehensible number of offers.

Time tracking apps a dime a dozen

If you enter “time tracking” in the search, the Marketplace spits out 278 apps.

But which is the one that perfectly meets your individual business requirements?

To save you time and nerves, we’ve compared the most popular and top-rated time management apps based on their most prominent features. All of them are paid products for which a 30-day free trial is available.

Even if your company is not located in Europe, the advantages of digital time tracking are obvious, and a quick look at our table will definitely be useful for you as well.

The ultimate comparison of Jira time tracking apps

When selecting the apps and the functions to be compared, we focused on the following questions:

  • Where can I, as a user, easily and uncomplicated track my working time?

  • How can I get a structured overview of my tracked working hours?

  • How can I best manage (team) resources?

  • Where can I, as a team lead, create my own teams and synchronize them with Jira?

  • And what is crucial in these times (especially with the emerging laws): where can I ensure full data protection in addition to time tracking?

Here is the result of the comparison:

Funktion Clockwork Automated Time Tracking & Timesheets Pro Timesheet Builder Activity Timeline TempoTimesheets TimesheetTracking for Jira Worklogs Time Tracking & Reports
Start and Stop timers manually
Manually create worklogs
Breakdown Timesheet by User, Project, Component and other filters
Table or Calendar View
Create Worklog from Calendar
Set working hours and days off
Approve Timesheets
Create own teams
Bulk Add Team members
Define roles and permissions for team members
Secure work logs for data privacy: Logged work is not visible for someone else than the members you define
Export to CSV/Excel
Create custom reports from your timesheets

You can create but not completely customize them

Full customization with Report Builder integration

You can create but not completely customize them

Other App (Tempo Planner) needed

For the advanced Timesheet, charts won’t be active if you group by fields.

You can create but not completely customize them

Which time management app is the right one?

Which add-on will help you manage your time and resources in Jira depends on your business requirements, of course. Clockwork Automated Time Tracking & Timesheets Pro, Timesheet Tracking for Jira, and Worklogs Time Tracking & Reports offer great features in terms of timesheets and time tracking. However, they can’t keep up with the other apps when it comes to creating and managing your own teams.

Two features now make up our winners: 1. Reporting features and 2. Data protection.

Reporting features

Activity Timeline comes with built-in reporting features, but they are not highly customizable. The situation is similar with Tempo Timesheets. Here, another app must be integrated (purchased) in order to create more advanced reports. With Timesheet Builder, an app integration is also recommended, but this one has it all: with Report Builder, you can create any report you can imagine and fully customize it on your own. If you need help with this, Actonic’s forthcoming Report Building Service will create any report you can think of with an unbeatable SLA.

Data protection

Are the tracked working times really only visible within the company? And only for those users who should really see them? Are you sure that sensitive time data is protected waterproof, or is there perhaps a workaround for clever inventors to view logged working time, such as through the activity protocol of a ticket, displayed here?

If you want (or even often need!) to ensure perfect data protection in addition to resource and time management, the only answer for you is Timesheet Builder. This app is the only one that makes it impossible to get past your internal required privacy policies.

They can all track working hours.

But is that enough for you? Or do you want more? Do you also want your employees to be on the safe side in terms of data protection?

Decide now in favor of an app whose functions go far beyond time tracking, team management and resource planning. An app where the tiresome topic of “data protection” can be taken care of quite incidentally.

Decide to use Timesheet Builder!

And try the tool now without any obligation for 30 days.

Your productivity boost with Timesheet Builder

  • Easy individual time tracking
  • Comply with privacy policies
  • Efficiently manage teams in Jira
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