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New Work through Atlassian Tools


Do you remember what working was like back in 2019? The working world before the global Corona pandemic was quite different. Remote work, flexible work arrangements, agile work practices, and work-life blending were far less common in companies back then than they are today. In this context, the Covid pandemic and the contact restrictions were a kind of fire accelerator of a trend that had already been going on for some time: New Work.

New Work is the structural change in the world of work brought through digitalization, globalization and the development of artificial intelligence. This trend brings some opportunities for both employers and employees and will have a major impact on the future of our ways of working. Two tools that are particularly useful for integrating the methods resulting from New Work are Atlassian's Jira and Confluence.

In this article, we will first discuss the benefits that New Work has for employers and employees, and then show you how Jira and Confluence can help you adopt the necessary work practices.

New Work through Atlassian Tools: These opportunities are offered by New Work for your company

The new developments in the world of work offer companies completely new possibilities for organizing work, which opens up many new opportunities for employers and employees.

The upcoming generation of young employees has very different demands about the organization of work than the previous generations. “Working time is living time” is the motto Generation Y strives for. Status, money and career are moving more into the background. Flexibility, freedom and work-life balance, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly important. Models such as home office, workation, flexible working hours or sabbaticals are the perfect way for employers to meet these demands.

Employers also benefit from more satisfied employees, because higher employee satisfaction also leads to increased motivation. In addition, due to the omnipresent shortage of skilled workers, companies are facing a high level of competition on the labor market. If you want to present yourself as an attractive employer on the market, you have to meet the demands of potential new employees and integrate the models described into your everyday work.

Examples of New Work methods:

  • Agile project management

  • New management styles and flat hierarchies

  • Modern technologies/Internet

  • Cross-team collaboration

  • Flexible working hours

  • Location-independent work

  • Time-independent work

As you can see, following the New Work trend offers great opportunities for employers. In order to make your company ready for it, there are already some tools that make the process much easier. In the following, we would like to introduce you to two particularly useful tools that will support your company in the transformation to New Work: Jira and Confluence. The two software products from Atlassian are ideal to implement modern ways of working in your company, because they support you by integrating more agility into your organization.

New Work through Atlassian Tools: How Jira and Confluence help you to integrate New Work

Let’s take a typical team, as it could be structured according to the New Work methods: Employee A prefers to work in the company’s office in Stuttgart, Employee B lives and works in Russia, Employee C is currently doing a workation in Bali (working remotely while being abroad for some time), and the department head manages his team from his home office in Karlsruhe. All of them are not only in different locations, but sometimes also in different time zones, and yet they have to work together as a team. In addition, there are flexible working hours, as each of the employees has a different biorhythm and wants to work at different times of the day.

In order to integrate a productive way of working for this team, through which each employee is always kept up to date despite all the challenges, Jira and Confluence are the perfect tools.

How Atlassian’s Confluence helps you integrate New Work

For teams that are structured like or similar to the example above, it is essential to have a common, detailed knowledge database. Every team member must be able to access all information which is important for their work, such as protocols, access data, notes, etc., at any time.

These are exactly the advantages that Confluence delivers, and it also brings a few more useful features for your daily work. Confluence is a kind of personal Wikipedia of your company, because there you can upload texts, files, images, notes, etc. and share them with your team. All team members, no matter where and when they work, can have a look and edit or comment on this content at any time. This way, effective collaboration within the team is easily guaranteed.

Learn more about integrating Confluence into your organization:

How Atlassian’s Jira helps you integrate New Work

In the day-to-day work of the team described above, a wealth of different tasks arise not only within the department, but also across the board with other internal and external teams. To ensure effective coordination of these tasks, a tool is needed that enables clear project communication and efficient coordination within the team.

Jira from Atlassian is the tool that integrates these processes into your company, because it is a unified area in which you can comprehensively coordinate all tasks. Tasks are created by the users as tickets and all team members can inform themselves about the content, status, deadlines and progress of all tasks of the team at any time. Tickets can be commented on and assigned to each other, which makes project progress transparent and agile at all times. Losing track of tasks or even forgetting individual tasks is almost impossible, because you get a notification by mail when a ticket is created and every new comment, if you want. Additionally, transparent and effective project management for every team member, no matter where and when they work, is guaranteed by Jira.

Learn more about integrating Jira into your organization:

New Work through Atlassian Tools: a conclusion

New Work is the trend that will sooner or later getting the upper hand in the labor market. If you want to present yourself as an interesting employer in the competitive labor market, you should integrate the methods that New Work offers into your company.
Jira and Confluence are the two ideal tools for this. They will support you immensely with the transformation process and help your company to become more agile and transparent.

If you also want to integrate Jira and/or Confluence into your company, we are the right partner at your side. As a successful Atlassian Solution Partner and Marketplace Vendor, we license you with the use of desired applications on the fitting instance.

Thereby, you profit twice with Actonic through a licensing of the Atlassian Software products. On the one hand we buy, manage and extend your licenses for you without extra costs and on the other hand you get the best price guarantee from us! As a Solution Partner, we get special discounts from Atlassian, which we pass on to our customers. So in addition to the best service, you also get the best price.

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