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Jira team management lifesaver


“I need a hero! I'm holding out for a hero 'til this Jira task is done!” – As a Jira Team Manager, do you ever find yourself in a situation like this? The Jira projects don't seem to run the way you want them to, and you wonder why you get up every day? What is even still important in your job?

You hold out until the evening, trying to manage the tasks, until you stare at the screen in resignation. Then a colleague approaches you and asks if you require some support. And you realize again: The most important thing in your job is neither vacation days nor great bonuses or company cars. The most important thing is your team.

Because with teamwork, you can achieve every conceivable success. To do this, however, you need to manage your team effectively. A Jira team management lifesaver is needed so that your valuable team can work with full appreciation.

In this article, we will show you the best Jira management tips and explain the ultimate trick to become your team’s hero!

Why Jira as a team management lifesaver is a good start – but not enough

You know that Jira is excellent as a task management platform as well as a team management tool. Jira Software can be customized to fit many circumstances.

You can accurately track projects and tasks and track capacity. The built-in Teams feature in Jira is a great start to drive team management, but the software alone cannot be a sufficient lifesaver. Some tips and tricks are needed to make you the hero of your Jira team with successful team management.

Why Jira team management needs lifesavers

Successful team management is reflected in the manager’s ability to transparently communicate and delegate even complex tasks to the team. Problems should also be identified and solved at an early stage.

Jira team management can be well-structured, for example, through Jira time tracking. But what if you want to comply with certain privacy policies in addition to work time tracking? To help you manage special circumstances successfully and use the required soft skills skillfully, we have picked out the following top tips for you.

The best (Jira) team management lifesavers

  • Practice open communication

    • Many employees require more than half of their work time to gather information or get approvals that will allow them to work in the first place. Communicate openly when deadlines need to be met and what exactly has to get done for those tasks. Your team will thank you for it.


  • Enable feedback culture

    • Your team gives you feedback? Congratulations! There is hardly anything more valuable for team management than learning how your team feels. This is the only way to make the right adjustments so that your Jira team can succeed even more. If your team is not yet providing regular feedback on your team management, actively request it.


  • Pay attention to work-life balance

    • If your team is too busy, the risk of burnout increases. Since your team is close to your heart, you should set a good example and maintain a healthy work-life balance yourself. Moreover, a healthy and satisfied team is more efficient than an exhausted one that is so stressed out it doesn’t know which Jira task to tackle first. Remember the scene at the beginning: You shouldn’t even get into the situation of sitting in the office late at night and doubting your previous life and work decisions …


  • Delegating (Jira) tasks successfully

    • Delegating tasks is one thing, presenting this handover transparently is another. Jira boards help your team to track who is responsible for which task. Creating teams in Jira is a real lifesaver for your Jira team management. In addition, a clear time tracking helps to get an overview of all tasks that need to be done.


  • Celebrate success

    • Successful team management also includes celebrating successes. Your team has done something great? Then praise them! Host a great team event, go out to dinner together, or play a fun game that works remotely. Some companies have already established a practice that every Friday before closing time, the team gets together and recaps the week. Every success is named and celebrated with applause. Such small attentions can strengthen the team spirit enormously.


  • Set clear goals together

    • Your team is especially motivated when they know what each task is for. Give your team the opportunity to see the big picture of your management. A common, clear vision and jointly defined goals, boost the team’s motivation. Of course, these goals should also be measurable.


  • Improve time management

    • Tracking working hours in Jira is essential to get an overview of the team’s workload and to trace your progress. Furthermore, it is worthwhile to capture the various regular working hours of employees. For example, for freelancers, part-time employees or employees with more flexible working hours.


  • Establish group norms

    • Any game is only truly fun when all participants know and understand the rules of the game. Create and effectively manage your teams in Jira by clearly defining and writing down group norms. Team dynamics shouldn’t just develop on their own. Include proper tools to help you steer your team towards openness and ideal workloads.


  • Keep track of individuals on your Jira team

    • A true Jira team management lifesaver: be aware that your team can only work happily and successfully if everyone feels ideally challenged. Individual work protocols and objectives help you push team members towards optimal development.


All these tips can help you improve your Jira team management. But to take your team management to a whole new level, it’s worth taking a look at the following ultimate tip.

The ultimative Jira team management lifesaver

A sophisticated Jira team management tool is essential to properly manage your dedicated team. In order to live the best working conditions daily, we have developed the app Timesheet Builder: Resource Planning and Teams Management. This tool is an ideal way to track all progress and make the best decisions for your team based on solid facts.

Individual time tracking as well as great team management functions will help you save time and use it in a way that will increase your and your team’s performance immensely!

How Timesheet Builder will be your Jira team management lifesaver:

  • Consider work-life balance

    • Determine the regular hours your team works:

  • Encourage self-motivation

    • Empower your team members to have an ideal overview of their own workload:

    • Benefit from clear structures and timesheets so you can plan future resources with foresight.

  • Improve time management

    • Your team will love this feature: Directly in the Jira ticket, simply hit the play button to start time tracking for a Jira ticket. After finishing the task, one more click is enough and the working time is automatically calculated and logged. Time tracking can be this easy!

  • Keep an eye on individuals of your Jira team

    • After creating your team and adding your members, you can see exactly how much time a person has already spent and how capacity is calculated.

  • Assign roles and permissions to team members

    • Many Jira team leads are in the dilemma of having to choose between timesheets and privacy policies. Not with Timesheet Builder. Thanks to the app, you can easily define roles and permissions for your team to decide who can see or edit which timesheets.

Discover your Jira team management lifesaver

Join us on September 22nd at our big launch event and discover more benefits of how Timesheet Builder can help you become the hero of your (team’s) daily life!

Your productivity boost with Timesheet Builder

  • Benefit from structured timesheets
  • Level up resource management
  • Ensure well-informed decisions
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