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New and unique Jira time tracking app


You know how important Jira time tracking is for moving yourself and your team forward. There are a ton of Jira time tracking apps on the Atlassian Marketplace for you to work with. But they all have one thing in common: All work logs are visible to everyone, even if you have set up a permission scheme to prevent that. There’s always a workaround to access this data, whatever you do.

So if you want privacy-compliant time tracking, your search is coming up empty.

Until now.

Actonic presents: Timesheet Builder

We came across a problem: As various privacy policies become more significant, the demands on Jira time tracking also change. Certain organizations require specific permission settings for teams and individuals to enable time tracking in the first place. By default, the work logs in Jira are public and can also be viewed in the “Activity” and “History” tabs in an issue.

That’s not how waterproof data protection looks like.

Since there was no elegant and reliable solution to this concern so far, we developed one: Timesheet Builder: Resource Planning and Teams Management.

What is so special about Timesheet Builder?

Timesheet Builder is the world’s only Jira time tracking app that can completely separate time tracking data from Jira. We store work logs separately in our own and privacy-compliant database, so they are not visible in the issue history or activity history of an issue.

These Secured Work Logs will make the recorded work hours visible only to the users who belong to the team and/or have certain access permissions. No one who is not authorized can any longer peek into the privacy of the recorded working hours.

In addition to this privacy highlight, the app also offers automated time tracking with a single click and a far-reaching team management function, which we will present below.

How Timesheet Builder works

Track individual working hours

Are you wondering how many productive hours you can bill for your projects? Digitalized time tracking has never been easier than with Timesheet Builder!

Open a Jira ticket, navigate to the three dots showing the options, and select “My Timer | Timesheet Builder” to display the timer’s button in the ticket.

Start your working time simply by clicking the start button directly in your Jira ticket.

After finishing the task, it’s just one more click and the spent time will be automatically calculated and recorded.

The fact-based self-optimization can reach top form in Jira through individually customizable timesheets. Users can configure their views in a variety of ways using filters, for example, as a monthly or weekly view:

Monthly view

Weekly view

All timesheets can, of course, be conveniently exported to CSV, XLS or PDF.

Manage working hours ideally

Do you have flexible working hours? For example, every second Friday off? That’s great for you! You can enter these flexible times here transparently for yourself and your team lead. Navigate to Manage availability and select your days off.

Organize teams successfully

What is the most important thing in your job? Vacation days? A company car? Or is it rather the satisfying feeling when you and your team have delivered another outstanding performance?

Of course, your team is the most important thing for you. Therefore, you also need a tool that supports you in the best way in team management and makes you a true leader of your team.

To have the perfect overview of your team at all times, you can use bulk operations to add team members. Automatic synchronization saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

In the overview, you can now see the individual members, their role, and their commitment, i.e., whether they are assigned to a project 100% or less. In addition, you can see when the user joined or left the team.

Starting with the next update for Data Center, it will also be possible to fine-tune viewing rights of logged working hours.

Enable secured work logs

You can enable Secured Work Logs during team creation. Currently, the selection of the setting cannot be undone. But the possibility to switch between Secured Work Logs and Public Work Logs modes will be added soon.

Timesheet Builder is the ideal assistant for numerous use cases:

  • New work at its best: see the realistic worked hours and avoid burnout and unnecessary stress situations.

  • If you have strict privacy regulations in place at your company, you can restrict the visibility of work logs by defining clear roles and permissions. In contrast to other available solutions, there is no workaround and no risk.

  • You want to track your team’s time effectively and stress-free to estimate future workload.

  • Because of transparent hour tracking, you can ideally self-manage as a team and bring agile work to perfection.

  • In Controlling, you need a payroll tool and want to track exactly who has worked how many (extra) hours.

  • You want to efficiently log and analyze individual resources and plan them more accurately in the future.

  • As a team lead, you want a convenient way to view timesheets and approve work hours.

  • Make accurate, fact-based decisions to ideally plan future resources.

Time is your most valuable resource – use it right

Timesheet Builder is the easiest way to structure Jira teams and the only solution if you want to limit access rights to timesheets in a privacy compliant way. This unique feature of secured work logs makes Timesheet Builder a must-have for all Jira Administrators and Team Leads who need to comply with specific data protection policies.

Get started with stress-free time and resource management.

Get started with Timesheet Builder.

Your productivity boost with Timesheet Builder

  • Benefit from structured timesheets
  • Level up resource management
  • Ensure well-informed decisions
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