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Why you need a Jira time tracker plug-in


Regarding time, two significant notions come to mind: productivity and optimization.

The only way to perceive efficiency and improvement in today's business world is by calculating or benchmarking against something measurable. And what is more measurable than time?

Contrary to our beliefs, time limits do not have to be limiting but rather stimulating and encouraging towards achievable goals, timely deliverables, target locking, and overall client satisfaction.

So, how is that achievable? Simply by tracking time and, most importantly, by choosing a reliable time-tracking solution. And there is no better project management and time-tracking tool on the market than the JIRA.

What are the benefits of a Jira time tracker?

Some European countries have now adopted mandatory time tracking related to employee working hours. For example, Germany and Spain have passed a federal labor law obliging all employees to introduce a work-tracking hours system. These laws protect all employees’ rights and ensure they are not being exploited and receiving overtime pay. However, logging working hours is the responsibility of the employer and not the employee. If any irregularities occur, the company will be held responsible. Businesses that fail to comply will face severe financial penalties.

Aside from the penalties you’ll save yourself if you consistently track your time, there are also numerous benefits of tracking working hours.

Why do you need a Jira time tracker plug-in?

The Jira time tracker helps organize payments, prevent overworking without benefits, diminish breaches, minimize expenditure, and prioritize tasks. However, the Jira out of the box solution for time tracking quickly reaches its limits.

Here are the reasons why you should consider a Jira time tracking add-on

  • Working times for each issue must be calculated and kept by yourself to be entered later

  • With Jira time tracking, you have to manually enter your hours

  • Timesheets won’t get automatically created

  • There is no built-in calendar

  • You will only receive a better overview of your logged time, when you create a report

  • As a Team lead, you can’t compare weeks or tell whether the logged time is full capacity

  • You can’t fully protect the work logs of your team – even if you try to set up viewing permissions, there are still workarounds

Find your perfect Jira time tracker

As you can see, time tracking in Jira is now more indispensable than ever. However, its limits in Jira are quickly reached. Different Atlassian Marketplace partners offer a range of applications for time management and resource planning. In our article Jira time tracking apps – the ultimate comparison 2022, we compared the best 6 time management for you. Discover for yourself which tool is ideal for you.
This much should be revealed in advance: If you belong to the very group that is affected by the new laws and must comply with strict data protection guidelines in addition to time tracking, Timesheet Builder: Resource Planning and Team Management is the only solution on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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