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We have outsourced our Atlassian licensing and services business to the newly founded Seibert Solutions GmbH. Actonic's products will be further developed under the usual name.

Report Builder: Version 3.1 Release Notes (Cloud/Server/DC)


  • Major change: Both reporting sections “Time Reports” and “Scripted Reports” were merged into one section called “Reports”. This change improves user experience and provides a common way to create reports of any type. All reports of “Pivot”, “Timeline” and “Scripted Report” are now displayed in one dashboard. Report permissions were also simplified and users can share reports of all types through common sharing permission functionality.


  • Bug fixes and improvements: Multiple bug fixes and UI improvements in all the modules were made – icon updates, element sizes, colors and backgrounds have been updated.

Pivot and Timeline report types

  • New Feature: We implemented the functionality to export reporting results to Excel. You can now use 3 options for your reports: Export to Excel, to CSV, to PDF. Export to Excel is enabled by default.

Timeline report type

  • New Feature: Timeline report has been added as a built-in report for all the Jira projects. Find the link “Project Timesheet” in any project’s navigation menu.

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