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Report Builder: Version 3.1.3 Release Notes (Cloud/Server/DC)


  • Global navigation improvement: We’ve changed the architecture of the app to a mix of SPA (single page application) and MPA (multipage application) to improve navigation between pages. Now, users can copy the link on any page and share it with another users to be sure that user will see the same page. Also, now users can refresh any page and stay on the same page as before.


  • New report: New “Quick report” type called “Hierarchy report”. This report allows you to see the hierarchy of linked tickets in a tree view. You can easily get the overview of the entire project or scope of any tickets.
  • Bug fix: For Timeline and Pivot reports it was not possible before to filter results for one particular day only. The bug is now fixed for all report types and any period (including single day).
  • Improvement: Default value for “Group by” options were changed. For general Timeline report we changed it to “Group by Project”, in a project we changed it to “Group by Issue”.
  • New feature: “Single choice/multiple choice” option was added to field types like project, user, custom field, issue types.
  • New feature: A Radio button field type has been added to make your custom scripted reports more flexible and powerful.
  • New feature: New function “SR.getCommentsByTicket” has been added to Scripted Reports API.
  • New feature: New function “SR.getIssuesCountByJQL” has been added to Scripted Reports API.

Workload Pie Chart

  • Improvement: Total time now displays the sum of all aggregated work logs displayed on a pie chart. It is possible to switch between total time in hours or “human readable” format


  • Improvement: The existing field “User role” has been improved to support multiple roles per one team member. Assign as many roles to your user as you need.

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