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Report Builder: Version 3.0.9 Release Notes (Cloud/Server/DC)



  • Improvement: In some sections we’ve reduced the requests count between client and server to improve page loading time and performance.
  • Improvement: Previously users might have faced performance issues when quickly switched the current period in a report (click on the button next week\next month). Now the app stops calculation of previous report if current period was changed.
  • Improvement: Some elements are now clickable. We also changed the layout to improve user experience.

 Scripted Reports

  • Improvement: Report calculation now starts automatically, once a report is open.
  • New feature: New input field type “Issue type” has been added. From now on your custom report could be based on selected issue types.
  • New feature: New function implemented into SR.API to get “change history” of tickets. *Method:* SR.getIssuesByJQL(jql, fields, expand). *Example:* SR.getIssuesByJQL(‘assignee=currentUser()’, ‘worklog’, ‘changelog’);

Time Reports

  •  Bug fix: Fixed access bug for “Last viewed report” from report dashboard, if the report was deleted.

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