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How Jira reports with custom fields improved our customers’ calculation


Got a great idea to improve your company's workflow? Do you want a whole new Jira report that incorporates your carefully maintained custom fields? And can map complex relationships simply?

That's what happened to one of our customers.

Read now how a custom-built Jira report revolutionized their calculations.

Custom Jira reports on demand

For several years, we have been providing support services to a valued customer. The company uses Jira in a slightly different scope: Normally, Atlassian’s software is a project management system. In this case, Jira is used more for cost calculation. The customer creates custom fields in Jira to display, for example, projected material costs in different countries.

This case shows how flexible Jira can be used and that with some customization, such as custom reports from Actonic, it is possible to implement operations in Jira that are far from the original idea of the software.

To produce clear Jira reports from such complex calculations, the reports already available in Jira are not sufficient. Since the customer was already familiar with our Report Building Service, they asked Consulting if we could create a completely custom Jira report for the company to include all the calculations.

So we did.

How the Report Building Service works

Report Builder is a Jira reporting tool that already provides a variety of predefined reports such as Velocity Chart or Flow Time. Many of these report templates can be edited after creation via HTML or JavaScript.

In addition to these templates, our customers have the option to create their own reports from scratch.

Your idea, your code!

As soon as you want a custom Jira report in your organization to improve performance or minimize costs, you can easily get started yourself. If there are not enough resources for this task, you can always turn to the integrated Report Building Service. With excellent SLAs, we will create any Jira report you can imagine.

In this service, after a detailed requirements analysis, the creation of a custom report is done, which is precisely the solution to your specific problem. Just contact our service, and we will deliver what you need to make your success visible.

Learn more about the benefits of our Report Building Service now.

How we create custom reports

Because the customer has already been in contact with our consulting team, this was addressed directly here – but you can also create a ticket for a request. Our experienced and multi-certified consultants conducted in-depth discussions to create a detailed requirements analysis, which was then forwarded to our development team.

The goal was to deliver a report with two different chart calculations. The different visualization helps the customer to revolutionize their cost calculation and save costs immensely – which in turn can be passed on to their customers.

Customer feedback was obtained in regular exchanges to present the cost calculations in such a way that the report would later meet the customer’s requirements. After all, customer satisfaction through top quality is our motto.

Thus, in just a few weeks, we were able to create an individual Jira report that is completely unique and thus optimizes the customer’s cost calculation.

This is what the custom Jira report can do

Let’s take a look at the finished report:

We see the calculated material costs for the year 2021, which are approximately 5 million. The costs are divided among different countries. These are assigned different shades to better distinguish them. Each bar represents the material cost of different countries as chemical material, natural textile, etc. as a categorization of the bar chart. The report pulls the costs from the custom fields of the Jira tickets, as well as its own complex calculations that take place in the background.

In the process, information from a wide variety of sources is pulled from Jira and complicated calculations are performed within the reports – this is not visible to you as the customer at all. You only see the results of the report, which also includes a wide variety of dependencies.

The second display form of the same Jira report also pulls its information from custom fields and can help the company immensely in costing at a glance.

In addition, our qualified consulting services also enable us to excellently design the required substructure of the entire subject, so that the complex interrelationships can later be turned into an easy-to-read diagram.

In the future, our customer will no longer have to look through dozens of Jira tickets to decide which raw material is the most cost-effective to source from which country for the next few months. Now, one click is enough and the custom Jira report shows the updated data in real time. Easily maintain quality while reducing costs: a benefit not imaginable through ordinary Jira reports alone.

Get Jira reports for custom fields easily created

Are you also interested in achieving your business goals even faster, more targeted and easier? Then we are sure to find a customized solution for you. Just contact us, we’ll discuss your ideas and wishes and make sure that our Report Building Service provides you with the best custom Jira report you’ve ever had the pleasure to work with!

Want to try it out first? That’s possible too – just select Report Builder for Jira and test the powerful report building tool for 30 days free of charge!

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