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Jira custom reports: Make your success visible!


If you don't measure progress, how do you know if you're making progress? How do you define your goal if you don't know where you are starting from?

Every product owner or person responsible for a project knows the importance of measuring progress to plan resources and ensure success. Jira reports are ideal for making data visible – but unfortunately also too limited to meet individual needs.

Do you have the same problem that your Jira reports can do less than you would like?

Then, we have the custom solution for you!

The problem with Jira custom reports

You know the situation: You want to present the current conditions at the next meeting, and no predefined Jira report really fits today’s topic. So, it’s a case of exporting data, creating a static Excel table and quickly working up a diagram that is already out of date after just a few hours. Efficiency and aesthetics work differently. You will notice this at the latest in the next meeting, where a report is due, and you have to repeat all the steps. Not to mention the error-proneness due to manual work.

Of course, you find out how to create Jira custom reports yourself. Certainly, you are dedicated and take a look at the detailed Atlassian guide on how to create Jira reports.

  • Reading time: 30 to 40 minutes.

  • Execution time: ?

You might find yourself scooping up the resources necessary to tackle this topic yourself. But at the end of this valuable investment, you have no guarantee that the custom report will really be what you wanted it to be.

Disadvantages of built-in Jira reports

  • Only one project visible per report

  • Limited configurations

  • Problematic synchronization of data from other sources

  • No export functions

  • Extremely time-consuming

  • Customizations without appealing user interface

Create Jira custom reports easily

This is where we get into the game with our Report Builder. The app is a Jira reporting tool that already provides a variety of predefined reports like Velocity Chart or Flow Time. Our associated Report Building Service will create any Jira report you can imagine. With this service, after a detailed requirements analysis, the creation of a custom report that is precisely the solution to your specific problem will take place. Simply contact our service, and we will deliver what you need to make your success visible.

With the Report Building Service to your Jira custom report

“Truly outstanding. This report updates itself. We were able to throw the Excel spreadsheet overboard and all of our colleagues are happy.

Kristof Männel
Team Lead Application Technology

Here, you can hear the excitement of the team leader of application technology at the renowned chemical company BÜFA. In this case, Kristof Männel’s team had the familiar Excel problem. Those static tables could neither adequately map processes nor improve them. They got Report Builder for Jira and came across Report Building Service. In a lively and trusting dialogue, we were able to develop a true BÜFA success story together. Daily updated figures, transparent visualizations and the link to Jira tickets increased BÜFA’s delivery targets immensely within a very short time. The employees are also happy that they no longer have to work cumbersomely in Excel.

The report we created for BÜFA looks like this:

For comparison, if you follow Atlassian’s 10-step guide, this is your result:

Save yourself time and nerves and benefit from a service with unbeatable SLAs that isn’t satisfied until you are.

Advantages of the Report Building Service

  • Fast, easy and trustworthy communication

  • We script any form of report

  • Data analysis individually tailored to your needs

  • Instant access to all your Jira data

  • Save resources for your core business

  • A reliable result that moves you forward

Creating reports in Jira made easy

To achieve your business goals, you don’t need to know all the paths, shortcuts, or means of transportation. Your (target) idea is enough. Contact us, and we will discuss with you which report will bring you to success as quickly and reliably as possible.

Test it first? That’s possible, too – simply select Report Builder for Jira and test the powerful report creation tool for 30 days free of charge!

Next level Jira Reporting with Report Builder

  • Create your own Jira custom reports
  • A clear roadmap for you and your team
  • No-code approach for intuitive usage
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